Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flags in Cheers - the TV show on NBC

Bottom end of US Flag
in the middle near the top - Cheers

An old time photo of Cheers back in the day before prohibition. But the television show was set in the relatively modern 1980s. Note that each bar has its own type of drinkers and culture. Bars usually cater to certain types of customers of different economic and cultural ranges. The bar in Cheers was a more upscale a relatively middle upper class of customer.

US Patriot Flag on 3-D oval art work
Cliff, Same, and Norm from Cheers

The stars of the show are Cliff the mailman who is a know it all public servant and caustically admired for his wide range of trivial knowledge. Sam is the alpha of the establishment - a former professional baseball star and old school womanizing can do confident bartender. Norm is your average overweight earthy hardworking and humorous most beloved patron. He is mostly loved by doing nothing and being himself.

US flag over Cheers Restaurant

Hanging out at the bar consuming fungal excrement is a long established tradition and seen by many as an All American Pastime.

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