Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Crazy Summer Flag - The Stork Twins

Stork Twins Flag
One Crazy Summer 1986

One Crazy Summer is an 80s coming of age movie where the underdogs learn to stand up to bullies. It's a repeating theme for summer movies - often set at camp. But this movie is set in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The Stork Twins are named Egg and Clay Stork. Classic 80s stand up Bobcat Goldthwait plays as the shorter "dominant-yang" twin as Egg Stork, while the Tom Villard plays as Clay Stork - the taller lanky "less dominant-yin" twin.

The Stork Twins Flag
One Crazy Summer 1986

This is the flag of the Stork Twins as it appears in the movie above the Stork and Son's Garage. It consists of a stork carrying two baby storks in a bundle in its mouth

The twins are not identical. Rather they seem to be fraternal. Meaning that although they have the same mom and dad and may have been born at the same time, they did not hatch from the same egg.

Clay Stork and Egg Stork
One Crazy Summer 1986

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