Friday, May 25, 2012

Flag in the Holliday Christmas Classic Elf 2003 - Starring Wil Ferrell

North Pole Elf Flag
Elf 2003

It may be Memorial Day Weekend - but since it's the 25th it is time for Christmas in May. Nine years ago Will Ferrell starred in one of the funniest Christmas movies to come out in a long time - Elf.

The original flag in this film is the red, white and green elf flag. It is similar in structure to an official standard but with a swallow tail. It has eight vertical stripes four white and four green. Near the hoist is a white snowflake on a red circle. The pole is also striped - white and green with a snowball for headpiece-finial.

US flag in Empire State Building Entrance
Elf 2003

US flags in the entrance way of the Empire State Building.

US Flag with Buddy the 'Elf'

Will Farrell plays as Buddy the elf. Buddy is an orphaned boy who accidentally gets taken to the North Pole one Christmas Night and is raised by an elf who never had time to make his own family.

Michael's School from Elf 2003

When Buddy the elf returns to his human family in NYC he is able to meet his long lost brother - Michael. Michael's middle school flag features a big cat with the apparent livery of yellow and blue.

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  1. Does anyone have any idea what's special about the flag outside his father's office?