Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lost Boy Vexillum - Mad Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 1985

Mute Shaman Boy Vexilloid

Several flags appear in the third episode of the Mad Max movies. This vexillum is seen in the room of the mysterious mute lost boy who apparently is something like a shaman.

The vexillloid is hand made with primitive tools. It features the face of the mute boy with black and white face paint. Perhaps due to his incapacity to talk, he is regarded by the others as a holy figure - perhaps with a highly developed sense of the intuitive mind.

Mute Boy with black and white face paint

The Lost Children are a group of kids who crash landed in the Australian Desert after a nuclear war and the adults have long ago all passed away. They grow up isolated from any adult culture. This results in a misinterpretation of their heritage and mutation of their language.

But they believe that someday 'Captain Walker' will come back. They interpret the arrival of Mad Max played by Mel Gibson as the cosmic return of the semi-legendary Captain Walker.

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