Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flags from the Israeli and Iraqi - Fraternal Banners from Tel Afar to Tel Aviv

Flag of Israel
The YANG - greater well known flag

Here are two banners of brother nations at the edges of Mesopotamia. United by faith of different shades and colours. Both use enchanted objects of heaven at their honor point - the star and moon.

A twinkling star and crescent moon unite these banners of the Holy Land under the subject of flag symmetry. Chances are you never heard of the Iraqi Turkmen or seen their flag - well take a lookie' here on Wika-peeders'.

Flag of Iraqi Turkmen
The yin-lesser known quaint flag

These flags are partial counter charges of pattern. The flag of Israel is a sort of like a photo negative of the Iraqi Turkmen. Where one flag has white the other has colour. Their colours differ slightly but are still a part of the blue family. Likewise their charges are different but they both have horizontal parallel lines.

Tell or Tall Afar is an Iraqi city with over 90% Turkmen, while Tel Aviv was the first capital of modern Israel.  Of Asian peoples, many of Israel whose families traveled west looks more European or African -depending on each individual.  Likewise the majority of Turks, world wide, have a 'Mongol or Chinese-like' appearance.  Yet the Turkmen of Iraq have a more 'Semitic' appearance than that of their brethren the Kazak or Turkmen of Turkmenistan. 

Both flags represent peoples who are conjoined twins to the Arab World.  During much of the 20th century they have been perpetual thorns in the side of Arabian Asia.  Bloodshed is written into their faith and bleed, one will, when handled with little care or mistrust.  But such negativity, brings on a greater positivity. 

Beautiful banners like a bountiful blue and white rose, whose intense and romantic fragrance can pierce the heart with a passionate veracity of love or pain, for they are both powerfully positioned to illuminate the joyful call of love. 

When these ancient sisters unite in harmony, no force shall halt their love. 

The lesser-yin Iraqi Flag on the march in the 21st Century:
An Iraqi Turkmen protest in Amsterdam. The march (relating to Kirkuk and against article 140 of the Iraq constitution) was co-ed, but separated, so mostly women and children were at the front and the rear was all male. 2007-02-16 by Celesteh

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  1. how dare you put the israeli and turkman flag together!

    1. ben de tam aynısını yazacaktım :) ne alaka anlamadım.

    2. ulan anlatmış işte 2 paragraf ne alaka

  2. The Turkman flag does not have anything to do with the Israili flag. Which idiot has done that and with which purpose, I dont know ???

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  4. these flags point to a common origin. iraqi turkmen arrived in iraq as soldiers of the umayd from Transoxiana, the prevelant population of the jewery in israel also has its roots from the same geography.

  5. Lan insaf insaf turkmen bayraginin neresi benziyor yahudi isreal bayragine ha turkmenler islamler bunu bilin ve bunu yapanler en buyuk yahudi boyle benzetme yapiyor allah bildigi gibi yapsin sizi

  6. Israel is using minority like they used kurdish flag with israel flag.They try to pull and close minority to Israel...
    Same tricks with turkmen in Iraq, and with kurdish in Turkey.

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  8. من رتب هذا يضحك غلى نفسه لاننا نحن تركمان لم نحصد اي شيء من بعد سقوط صدام اننا خاسرون كليا وهناك اطراف مستفيدة ومتعاونة مع اسرايل ظاهرة للعيان تود ابعاد انظار عنهم كل عراقين يعرفون موقف تركمان ووطنيتهم