Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dungeons & Dragons - animated 80s cartoon

Dungeons & Dragons Ride Entrance

In the early 80s a cartoon loosely based upon Dungeon & Dragons was made. The cartoon series was based upon a ground breaking role playing board-reading-dice game that combined acting, storytelling, and imagination first published in 1974. Like the game Monopoly - the Dungeons & Dragons format was copied and adapted and made into hundreds of different role playing games.

Car Emblem for D&D Ride
white castle turret on red

The adventure begins when six kids from the normal world who are transported to magical earth like universe. Though cooperation, various riddles, puzzles they make their way.
When the kids enter the magical earth like Dungeons and Dragons universe they are assigned a role - Hank becomes a ranger, Diana an acrobat, Albert a magician, Shela a thief, Bobby a barbarian, and Eric a cavalier. Their guide is a short person - Dungeon Master. Finally a unicorn joins their their team with a special fondness for Bobby - Uni the unicorn.

Eric the Cavalier
Notice Arms on his shield

The arms of Eric the Cavalier are an orange shield with black disc with the head of white eagle or Phoenix facing sinister. Eric the Cavalier was originally a rich snooty kid who provides comic relief to the group. But he is also the most human with a realistic outspoken desire to go home and often times finds himself complaining - like most regular kids. However hidden under all the showy wannbe' leader he often protects his friends from harm with his magic shield.

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