Monday, April 30, 2012

Missouri Territory Heritage Flags for Missouri Territory Alumni States

Missouri Flag

Several states once had part or all of their land run under the administration of the territorial government of Missouri. In honor of that period when the great plains were ruled by Missouri - here are Missouri Territory Heritage flags created in that honor. The key is that all flags are horizontal tri-bars, just like Missouri and often feature their state seal.

Missouri-Wyoming Heritage Flag
"Missouroming Flag"

Missouri-South Dakota Flag
"The Missouthakota Flag"

Missouri-Texas Flag
"The Missourexas Flag"

Missouri-Oklahoma Heritage Flag
"The Missourklahoma Flag"

Missouri-Nebraska Heritage Flag
"The Missorbraska Flag"

Missouri-North Dakota Flag
"The Missorthdakota Flag"

Missouri-Minnesota Heritage Flag
"The Missourisota Flag"

Missouri-Kansas Heritage Flag
"The Missoukansas Flag"

Missouri-Iowa Heritage Flag
"The Missourowa Flag"

Missouri-Colorado Heritage Flag
"The Missoulardo Flag"

Missouri-Arkansas Heritage Flag
"The Arkanassouri Flag"

For all the Americans who were born, married and died in Missouri Territory 1812-1821.

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