Sunday, March 4, 2012

Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge Flag, Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix 2007

Minister of Magic Banner
Cornelius Fudge

During adventures in the Order of the Phoenix, a visit to the ministry of magic is in order. For Harry Potter must explain his illegal under age use of magic in front of a muggle. The spell that Harry uses is a patronis spell - a defensive spell against dark magic. A magician casts this spell by allowing his or her spirit to be filled up love and something near and dear to the heart. The result is a positive thought force vortex that pushes away the dreadfully fear mongering essence of whatever is attacking, its especially useful against tormentors.

Before the hearing in front of the Minister of Magic - Potter passes by a flag with the chief minister of magic upon it. The flag is has a white background with a magically printed image of the standing minister - Cornelius Fudge.

In the upper left hand corner of the flag is the symbol for the Ministry of Magic. It is the letter 'M.' Along the left, right, and bottom are three stars with seven points.

Before Potter's hearing the badge of the Ministry of Magic can be seen on the shirt of the lift operator. It features an eagle in the crest facing dexter with wings in full spread with an arc of dashes around the letter 'M.'

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