Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dr. Whitney Smith's NAVA 43 freebie vexi-art by Beatriz Grayson

At NAVA 43 Dr. Whitney Smith spoke about the importance quilts in the Vexillological universe. He seemed to advocate the inclusion of these wonderfully hand made textiles. Quilts of all sorts have been made with flags in their design just as some flags have been made into quilts. Dr. Smith ended his lecture by handing out a card that featured the vexillological quilt art of Beatriz Grayson.

Grayson's quilt flag was essentially the modern 50 starred US flag with a rainbow pallet of colours and added designs. The 13 stripes were a rainbow patch of colours, starting from the bottom: purple, blue-green, yellow, orange, light green, red, and blue. Likewise the stars varied in colours. Additionally the quilt-flag had writing upon it. In the canton area in between the stars it is written "I wish upon the flag that we embrace diversity. I wish upon this flag that honoring uniqueness we treat each other with respect. I write upon this flag that we recognize our part in the global family." Inter spaced inbetween the coloured stripes in cursive, "life liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

The title of the quilt is Flag of Wishes - 2003

with the words written on the back - "A soft protest against the chiseling of our rights; a hopeful prayer for our immediate and global family; and a reminder that we, Americans, are not just red, white and blue, but of all the colors that exist" pieced and fused quilt 62" x 38"

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