Sunday, February 12, 2012

Harry Potter Vexillum - Banners from the Goblet of Fire

Banners and Vexillums

A few Harry Potter Vexillums and banners wave in the Goblet of Fire 2005. In the fourth film Harry is chosen to compete against two other schools of magic in the Triwarzads Tournament. Suffice it to say Harry is mildly successful. On the left and right are banners held up by two poles while the vexillum is held up by a cross pole - to permanently unfurl a flag without the need for wind.

Golden Harry Flag with Gold Stamp

Once Harry opens the Golden Dragons Egg a horrible shriek shouts across the room. In this scene, clear glimpses of Harry's vexillum's are shown. On a background of red, Harry is scrawled in gold in chief above a yellow square like icon.

Close up of Yellow Potter Dragon Vexilloid

Harry gleefully opens his Dragons Prize with a frightful surprise. To the right of the egg is a yellow vexillum to honor and encourage Harry on this quest to outwit the dragon. Behind Harry's head is another banner for Gryffindor.

Harry's name with yellow lightning bolt border

Everyone is excited to see the egg open up! The banners or vexillums made in Harry honor are clearly seen.

We Love Harry Potter

The banner to Harry right has the shield of arms for Gryffindor. It has a white lion rampant on a quartered shield with Gryffindor's livery - yellow and red. To the left of Harry is a vexillum with livery and his first name outlined with a lightening bolt.

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