Tuesday, January 24, 2012

US flag in Contact 1997 - Vega or bust

A massive tailgate party convenes at the Radio Telescope array in New Mexico. Why? Because astronomers have detected a signal from beyond our solar system - the first sign that intelligent life is out there. This is the premise to Contact (1997) that starred Jodie Foster on a book written by Carl Sagan.

If intellegent life is able to transmit a signal that astronomers can comprehend the subsequent gathering of outerspace nut jobs and cosmic party goers would be beyond groovy squared.

The comical "Jesus is an Alien" Banner

A message from the stars, detected by the scientific community would cause a stir. In Contact the public reacts like its a grand party. All sorts of fringe and less than logical groups gather to hear the message from the skies.

The women with the green shirts and white pants are doing a dance in honor of the news that intelligent life is out there.

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