Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Peace Flag from Contact 1997 - in the wake of Carl Sagan

The Earth Peace Flag
Contact 1997

There are all sorts of flags that appear in Contact 1997 when the public becomes aware of an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Something of a wild circus-super bowl-phish concert forms as people swarm to the locale of where the signal was first detected in Socorro County, New Mexico.

The Contact Peace Flag uses several colours - white, black, red, yellow, blue, and green. Centered on a white background was the planet earth. In the crest position it is written "Earth Flag." Across the middle it is word 'peace' in all power case letters. Each letter is a different colour with its own background panel. In the compartment position are other words written in black that are unintelligible.

This film professionally presents a sequence of events showing the cascade of events Earth would go through if it were to make hard scientific contact with a civilization outside of our solar system. At the moment there is no hard scientific evidence, but it'd certainly be a waste of space if it's just us.

And if other extraterrestrial life were to exist in a similar form and at a similar stage of development with semi-harmonious nations states, I believe that the various vexilloids of their planet would align like my fraternal flag twin idea.

Is there anyone in these universe that gets me?

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