Monday, January 16, 2012

Afro-European American Geocentric State Flags

There 17 US states that share a latitude with both Europe and Africa. They are North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona. The second group includes Virgina, Kentucky, Kansas, West Virginia, Colorado, Utah and Illinois. And finally for the last group there is Missouri, California, and Nevada.

Furthermore these geographically Europe and African aligned states can be broken down into three categories.

There are seven states that have a southern tilt. Geographically they have soil that is totally south of the European Continent and a small portion crosses into the Continental Afro-European Belt. The Afro-European Belt is a small region where Africa and Europe are at the same latitude. It is approximately 36 degrees North to 37 degrees 21' North.

The Southern Tilted Geographically Afro-European States include
the upper south

(1) North Carolina
(2) Tennessee
(3) Arkansas
(4) Texas
(5) Oklahoma
(6) New Mexico
(7) Arizona

The next group of is the geographic compliment to the Southern tilted states. Thier northern reigions are parallel to Europe while their southern halves cross into the Afro-European Belt.

The Northern Tilted Geographically Afro-European States include
the light south

(1) Virgina
(2) Kentucky
(3) Kansas
(4) West Virgina
(5) Colorado
(6) Utah
(7) Illinois

Finally there are three states that have territory that extend beyond both ends of the Afro-European Belt into wholly pure European and African latitudes.

North & South states include
(1) Missouri
(2) California
(3) Nevada.

The other 26 northern states are totally Euro-centric with respect to their latitude.

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