Tuesday, January 10, 2012

US Navy Commission Pennant and the Flag of North Carolina

The US Navy Commission Pennant is an American flag with a distinguished look for military use only. It consists of seven white stars near the hoist and a tail of red and white, with red on top. Its design resembles the State Flag of North Carolina the most. Since both flags have the same basic pattern in order.

There is one coincidence with the number of stars - seven. The first version of the Confederacy's Naval Jack consisted of seven stars on blue, since there were originally seven states in the Confederacy before the shelling of Ft. Sumter in 1861.

7 Stars on first design of CSA Jack
7 Stars on US Navy Commission Pennant

(1) South Carolina
(2) Mississippi
(3) Florida
(4) Alabama
(5) Georgia
(6) Louisiana
(7) Texas

Texas comes in with a close second. Its basic design is arguably a nice match for the US Navy Commission pennant but the it'd be an upside down comparison. North Carolina has the red bar up top as does the US Navy.

Besides North Carolina is the original and King of the Hill for the Original 13 colonies. There is no mountain higher than King Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina in all of the lands east of the Mississippi. The great synchronicity is that this flag is flown from the highest part of the ship mirrors the flag design of the tallest state in the original 13 colonies - North Carolina.

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