Friday, January 27, 2012

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Shield

Aquateen Hunger Force Logo
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, features an amazing trio of gifted food products that become sentient due to the sordid experiments of a mad scientists at the Jersey Shore. Their mission is to fight crime and evil where ever it may arise. However their exploits against evil eventually take a back seat to watching television.

The ATHF Shield uses five colours, in order of importance they are yellow, red, blue, black and white. The chief is gules with word 'HUNGER' writtein in all capital letters, with a conjoined 'E' and 'R.' The main filed consists of the world 'FORCE' in or with a conjoined 'F' and 'O.' Also the last letter 'E' has an extra extension that fills the gap in the letter 'C.' The letters are all highlighted in black for definition with white a glze for added depth. The shield is also bordered with a yellow highlight that conforms the shape of the letters leaving an indent with both the red and yellow 'R.' Finally in stylized blue graffiti a the crest-chief overlap it is written 'AQUATEEN.'

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