Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Babe - Sheep Dog Flag

Babe Sheep Dog Flag and Banner
The flag is on the right side of the banner

A sheepdog banner and flag appear in Babe 1995, an academy award winning Australian film about a pig that grows beyond his expectations.

The flag and banner use the same colours - yellow-green, white, black, and yellow. The flag features a yellow-green background. Upon the center is the seal of the sheepdog Championships, which is a black and white sheep dog with yellow winners wreath the surrounds the sheepdog.

The flags as seen though a camera covering the sheep dog competition. On the left and right sides of the banner are the flags.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Angry Birds Flag - Green Piggy Flag

The Green Piggy Flag

Angry Birds is a smart phone app that has reached a kind of Pac-Man Fever or rather Angry Bird Fever for the age of the smart phone.

It came out of Finland in 2009, the nation that brought us Nokia Phones. The object of the game is hurl birds from a slingshot, which then crash into Green Piggy structures. The Piggies apparently stole the birds eggs and now the avian feathered friends want payback.

Extremely addictive, its like hurling paper balls or airplanes. A flag makes an appearance in the game, that of the Green Piggies. It is oddly modeled after the Finnish Flag.

Flag of Finland

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Bang Thoery - Sheldon Cooper, presents Fun with Flags

Sheldon Cooper from the Television Show
Big Bang Theory - with show about Vexillology

Vexillology recently made it into prime time when Sheldon showed an interest in Vexillology. The show centers on Gen-X Academia at Caltech. The essential yin and yang component relies on the dynamic of four egg headed intellectually acute yet socially awkward men with a sultry blonde waitress.

In this episode Sheldon Cooper the research physicist becomes enchanted with vexillology and decides to make 52 part educational series about vexillology on YouTube.

Dr. Fowler-Bialik Ferdinanty Flag

Here is an original flag created for the show known as "Ferdinanty Flag," which is supposed to garner interest for younger viewers. This flag was designed by the fictitious Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler played by Mayim Bialik, who in real life holds a PhD in neuroscience.

You can watch the complete episode here on Hulu

New categories for flags - Aquageotic and Geopolitic Classes

Their are many ways to categorize flags - tri-bar, canton, pan-African, etc. But here are two new classification groups "Aquageotic" and "Geopolitic." First a definition for Aquageotic. These are flags that have maps of islands or partial maps that are determined by water via the coastline or other various watershed. Examples include two popular flags of Antarctica and Sulawesi independence movement. The flag of Cyprus is also - Aquageotic.

Flag of Sulawesi
"Aquageotic type flag"

The island of Sulawesi is shown on a white disc. The shape or icon is based upon the coastline. Sulawesi is a part of Indonesia. This flag has been used by various separatist groups.

Flag of Antarctica Treaty, again the shape of the central icon is based upon the coastline (water-to-earth).

The second group is similar to Aquageotic, in that it also has a map but the borders are not related to any kind of water division. These types of flags are more popular at lower levels of government - usually denoting the shape of a county, township or city.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Shield

Aquateen Hunger Force Logo
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, features an amazing trio of gifted food products that become sentient due to the sordid experiments of a mad scientists at the Jersey Shore. Their mission is to fight crime and evil where ever it may arise. However their exploits against evil eventually take a back seat to watching television.

The ATHF Shield uses five colours, in order of importance they are yellow, red, blue, black and white. The chief is gules with word 'HUNGER' writtein in all capital letters, with a conjoined 'E' and 'R.' The main filed consists of the world 'FORCE' in or with a conjoined 'F' and 'O.' Also the last letter 'E' has an extra extension that fills the gap in the letter 'C.' The letters are all highlighted in black for definition with white a glze for added depth. The shield is also bordered with a yellow highlight that conforms the shape of the letters leaving an indent with both the red and yellow 'R.' Finally in stylized blue graffiti a the crest-chief overlap it is written 'AQUATEEN.'

Carney Island Flag

Flag of Thurston Island Flag

Thurston Island Flag

Thurston Island was discovered by the USA in February 1940 by Admiral Bryd.

Although the Continent of Antarctica can wait, perhaps its time that islands around the ice continent get fairly divided up. Colonization in Antarctica will provide essential data and experience for colonization in outer space.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flag of Roosevelt Island - Antarctica

Flag of Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island, Antarctica is positioned along the 'Pacific Groove' ice shelf. Some geographers don't include the Southern Ocean as a true ocean, nonetheless three main grooves cut into Antarctica with the three main ice shelves coincidentally aligned to each ocean.

The ice shelves align by size to the size of their ocean of alignment.

The largest ice shelf - THE ROSS ICE SHELF - fatefully faces the largest ocean, the Pacific. The second largest ice shelf - THE RONNE ICE SHELF - by a lucky alignment faces the second biggest ocean - the Atlantic. And finally the third largest ice shelf - THE AMERY ICE SHELF - by providence faces the third largest ocean - the Indian. Too bad the third ice shelf doesn't start with the letter 'R.' Perhaps they could give it a nick name, the Richie ice shelf, but on second thought AMERY does have an 'R' sound.

At first glance the flag of Roosevelt Island may look like a Confederate Flag, but it isn't. The design was inspired by all previous designs for the other big islands in Antarctica. Like the Alexander Island Flag, Ross Island Flag, and Berkner Island Flag they all pay homage to the heritage of its founder, accordingly the discoverer of Roosevelt island who also christened it with its namesake was from Northern Virginia - Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Bryd is descended from a powerful Virginian family line that included James Rolfe and Pocahontas. Because Richard E. Byrd was born in Northern Virginia, the colours of Roosevelt Island are modeled after historical flags that had arisen from Virginia.

Roosevelt Island, Antarctica inner island was discovered sometime in the 1930s. It was named after the second Roosevelt president - Franklin. The colours of the flag are black, white, orange, and blue. The saltire is black with thirteen stars that represent 13 southern most constellations. The colour orange is based upon the famous Antarctica Flag designed by Whitney Smith. The white field represents the snow and ice, while the blue represents the colour of the seas should match blue Antarctica Flag of the Gram Bartram design.

Beach Flags from Jaws 1975

Coloured pennants on changing

A natural terror lurks in the deep. We often think that fish are food but there are a few fish that can make food out of people. Jaws 1975 terrorized America and forced them to empty their wallets. A ride was even spawned off its horrific terror that tickled audiences at the same time. During the beach scene several flags appear. A orange bouey flag marks a point in the water. Also coloured flag pennants appear on top of the striped bathing suit changing stations.

Flag Bouey Marker

Swimmers with coach next to bouey with orange flag. Orange is the universal safety colour upon the seas.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100,001 Hits!!! Six Figures! WHOOOO HOOO!!!

100,001 HITS!!!

Brazil and Zaire - Birds of a Feather

Flag of Brazil

The flag of Brazil is serendiptiously tied to the flag of Zaire. Although Zaire underwent a name change, as well adopting several new flags, Brazil and Zaire are partners outside of the momentary present. Both flags feature a green field with a central disc - Brazil with the lights of heaven and Congo (Zaire) with a light from earth.

Geographically their lands match with a similar nature. Combining these two nations, unites the Mighty Amazon and the Wild Congo. These greatest of great rivers gush from the heart of the continent like a proverbial aorta from Africa and America into the Atlantic Ocean from opposite ends.

Each nation is pierced by the equator, forcing them to witness the maximum power of the sun. But due to their location and rainfall, neither nation is anything like a desert. They are at the center of the earth where the heartbeat of the jungle can roar over modern society.

Flag of Congo (Zaire)

Both are large nations that were the colonial odd ball. Although Brazil is a part of Latin American it is the sole 'offspring' of Portugal rather than Spain. Likewise Zaire was the lonely creation of Belgium while her neighbors were molded by the UK, France, and Portugal.

Mother Nature is able to sing her strongest anthems in their respective forests, and subsequently made life for 'civilized' man difficult. But times are changing and modern man is able to build homes with artificial climates and artificial rain that enables him to raid the bounty of the earth.

In the aftermath of the Cold War, Zaire reverted to its older name as the Democratic Republic of Congo. And changed her flag, a few times. This has given Congo a vexillological rich yet confusing charge. Nonetheless, the Congo's yellow star flag is attached to Somalia, while her 'maiden name' green flag is perpetually attached to Brazil.

Brazil has many roots and one of the deeper invisible roots stem from Africa and into the heart of the Congo River. Just as South America and Africa fit like pieces of the puzzle, in this multi-dimensional matrix of meta-vexillology, Congo's Green Flag is the 'Fraternal Partner' with the flag of Brazil.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Earth Vexillum - from the film Contact 1997

Earth Banner on Ellie's Wall behind Dad

In the film Contact (1997) we see the origins of Dr. Elanor "Ellie" Arroway's fascination with the heavens. In her room the banner of the earth hangs in her corner held up by a yellow rope.

Ellie becomes facinated that there are other planets out there and that some stars were not actually stars but worlds with different kinds of skies and moons.

She is old enough to think like an adult yet young enough to let her imagination soar. Soar indeed, it leads her to ponder the question is their anyone else out there in the heavens like us? When she asks her father he replies, "If it is just us, it seems like an awful waste of space." Likewise if there is no meaning to life it'd be an awful waste of time.

Ellie has ribbons of her wall for her
excellence in math and science

Ellie is in this scene is at that magical age of youthful wonder with an adult sense of knowing.

US flag in Contact 1997 - Vega or bust

A massive tailgate party convenes at the Radio Telescope array in New Mexico. Why? Because astronomers have detected a signal from beyond our solar system - the first sign that intelligent life is out there. This is the premise to Contact (1997) that starred Jodie Foster on a book written by Carl Sagan.

If intellegent life is able to transmit a signal that astronomers can comprehend the subsequent gathering of outerspace nut jobs and cosmic party goers would be beyond groovy squared.

The comical "Jesus is an Alien" Banner

A message from the stars, detected by the scientific community would cause a stir. In Contact the public reacts like its a grand party. All sorts of fringe and less than logical groups gather to hear the message from the skies.

The women with the green shirts and white pants are doing a dance in honor of the news that intelligent life is out there.

The Boggs Family Arms from Edward Scissorhands

Bogs Family Crest is on the wall
Edward with Pegg Boggs

The family that adopts Edward Scissorhands were granted a coat of arms. Two lions are rampant facing centrally towards a castle. The helm is facing sinister and their are two swords that cross the shield in slatire. The Boggs family name is in the compartment.

The arms make an appearance in the basement of the Boggs house.

The Boggs certainly are proud of their name, as indicated that their name appears on the door knock. The Boggs family consisted of mother Peg, father Bill, son Kevin and the princess Kim Boggs.

Edward and Kim Boggs developed a special relationship whereby the tiniest grain of love was shared between the two.

Beavis and Butthead with the Confederate Flag

Notice Confederate Flag

The Confederate Flag makes an appearance in the rebooted 2011 season of Beavis and Butthead. During the Doomsday episode the town is evacuated and our two short attention spanned heroes assume that the end of the world has come and they are the only ones left on the planet.

They take advantage of the situation and proceed to visit all their neighbors houses at their own pleasure. They are attracted to one cool house where the owner has hung a Confederate Battle flag in his homes honor point - above the couch.

However Beavis and Butthead severely misjudged the date of apocalypse. Greeted with a punch and smack - a rude awakening - when owner of the house returns to find two, less than inspiring teenagers sitting on his couch.

Sri Lanka and Venice - Is the Pen mightier than Sword?

Flag of Sri Lanka
Lion with Sword

The flag of Sri Lanka shares a similar element with the flag of Venice. Lions appear on both flags. The Lion of Sri Lanka holds a mighty sword, while the lion of Venice holds the work of a pen.

There is a delicate balance between the East and the West. There are essentially two major anthems of the Old World. The Western Half sing hymns and songs in the wake of Adam and Eve, while the Eastern Half is in tune with Cosmic Conciousness. Rather the invisible third eye of perception leads the East along a delicate and serendipitous echo of cosmic mind. In conjuction, the West is totally blind to the concept or perception of the invisible 'third eye.' But times are changing, as the West opens its third eye the East is better able to tune into the teachings of Abraham.

Flag of Venice
Lion with Book

Both flags are composed with two components. The flag of Venice has a winged lion holding open a Holy Book with its right hand, and the arms of the various Venetian groups. The flag of Sri Lanka also has a lion but holding a sword with its right hand.

Combining these flags reminds us of the old proverb that, "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword."

Venice and Sri Lanka differ like night and day. They are culturally light years away. Their religion, ethnic, and language are as alien as a coconut and a mushroom. Yet they are connected, as in a special way as is night and day. Venice like day sings and prays in a monotone voice as a nation under one God, while Sri Lanka like night, chants and meditates in a cosmic symphony under a magnificent multitude of stars and Gods.

Sri Lanka and Venice are ancient nations, wise and rich roots that penetrate the deepest of deep hearts, romantic lands blessed by the Divine.

United by Colours and Lions

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sicily and Buthan - Fraternal Twins

Enter the Year of the Dragon...

Flag of Sicily

The flag of Sicily is attached to the flag of Bhutan in that strange and serendipitous way of flag symmetry. United by a similar pattern and pallet of colours - gold and red with a bend. The flag of Sicily is parted with a regular dexter bend while the flag of Bhutan is parted in a sinister bend.

Although they are a world away they sit at the nexus or rift between two realms of reality. Sicily is nestled between Africa and Europe while Bhutan teeters between India and China. Both nations are elements of their neighboring worlds, both with slightly northern tilts. Sicily is closer in a cultural orbit to Europe while Bhutan feels a stronger gravity with China.

Flag of Bhutan

Mystical animals often considered monsters are charged on their center. The mighty and strong dragon sits proudly on Bhutan, while Sicily has the most famous of all Gorgons - Medusa. The dragon is balanced on three balls, while Medusa's head rests on three legs.

They are union of East and West, for their ancient names are one in the same. The ancients called our world 'Middle Earth' with good reason. It was assumed to be in between heaven and hell. Likewise when you literally translate China and Mediterranean in to English it becomes one in the same 'Middle Earth.'

Sicily is an island on the greatest sea of our earth, likewise Bhutan is an island amongst the clouds on the greatest mountain range of our earth.

Flag of Campbell Island - New Zealand

Flag of Campbell Island
New Zealand

The flag for Campbell Island features the giant megaherb - Pleurophyllum Speciousum. It is a vertical tri-bar with a Canadian Pale. Dark green, light green, purple, violet and white are its main colours. The bars by the hoist and fly are dark green with the central bar white.

Campbell Island is famous for its plant life which is a virtual lost world of wonder plants - the megaherbs.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skroob Flag - from Space Balls 1987

Skroob Flag Space Balls 1987

The Scroob flag uses the colours black and grey. Centered is a black circle. On circle is a black leg in a 'sinister kick.'

This is the flag of the Chief Executive Officer of Spaceballs Empire- President Scroob.

The flag of 'President Spaceball' is Skroob, which is a mixed up version of Brooks. Ironically, Mel Brooks thought President Skoorb would be too silly. Ya think? President Lem Skoorb would have worked just fine.

Space Balls Flag

Modern Rendition of Space Balls Flag

Watch out, there are Spaceballs out there! They want your money and will even charge you for air. If you are not careful they'll bind you in a knot and take the farm.

Space Balls 1987 was an epic parody on Star Wars directed by Mel Brooks. Mel Brooks also stars in the movie as the greedy chief executive officer - Skroob - of Space Balls.

Spaceballs Empire Flag

The Space Ball flag consists of a black field with the name 'Space Balls' written in grey along the bottom. In the center are several grey balls.

Although we are not in a space culture by any developed means, we do have 'Space Balls' that would love to charge for everything, even things that should be free.

Pitt Island or Rekohu - the lesser island in the Chatham Archipelago

Flag for Rekohu or Pitt Island - New Zealand

This is a flag for Pitt Island which is a part of the Chatham Islands archipelago. The flag of Pitt Island uses the colours black, white and green. Centered is fern which is a national symbol for New Zealand. The green fern lies on a white dexter bend dividing the black field into two triangular parts.

Pit Island was originally home to the Moriori who were a different race from the more populous Maori.

Like the tragedy of Native American in the United States, the British/New Zealand Government played aboriginal vs aboriginal. The UK arrived with Maori from New Zealand in 1835 to wipe out the Moriori. The result was the Moriori Genocide.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ross Island Flag

Ross Island Flag

The Ross Island Flag is based upon the birthplace of its discoverer - Sir James Clark Ross. He was born in London on the zero year of the 19th century. Ross discovered this island in 1841, and it was subsequently named after him.

The flag is basically a Scandinavian version of the flag of London but with a black fimbration around the cross.

Snares Islands Flag - New Zealand

Flag of Snares Island

The Snares Islands are approximately 200 km south of South Island New Zealand. It is home to a healthy population of penguins.

The colours of the flag are based on the colours on the snare penguin - black, white, orange, and red. Also the red star with a white fimbration is modeled of after the national stars from the current national flag.

Bounty Islands Flag for New Zealand

Flag of the Bounty Islands

Not to be confused with Bounty Island, the Bounty Islands belong to New Zealand and consist of 13 main islets in the South Pacific.

Thus accordingly this flag has 13 stripes. There are three large red stripes, four large blue stripes and six thin white stripes. The white stripes are actually fimbrations around the red stripes. This is done in conjunction with the Red New Zealand stars that have a white fimbriation.

The 13 islands are
(1) Depot Island
(2) Lion Island
(3) Penguin Island
(4) Proclamation Island
(5) Ranfurly Island
(6) Ruatara Island
(7) Spider Island
(8) Tunnel Island
(9) Castle Island
(10) Funnel Island
(11) Prion Island
(12) Molly Cap
(13) North Rock

These islands are also antipodes to Europe, at Boulle-Mernard France. Another coincidence is that these islands were discovered the same year the United States become a legal nation under the Constitution in 1788. Thus the flag of the Bounty Island flag bears some resemblance to their up and over cousins to the north. The US Government is the same age as these thirteen magically shaped isles.

prince edwards islands

Balleny Island - Antarctica

Peter I Flag - Antarctica

Flag of Peter I Island - Antarctica

Berkner Island Flag - Antarctica

Flag of Berkner Island, Antarctica

Berkner Island was one of the few places that was truly discovered in modern times, and by an American team at that.

Ice completely surrounds this island. Berkner island came to our awareness in 1957 under the leadership of Finn Ronne, who ironically was not a Finn.

However he was born in Scandinavia. Ethnically a Norwegian but yet, an all American Citizen, who made his home in Maryland. In 1957, the US Navy was his source of income.

This flag is based upon the American Flag - since America truly discovered this Hoth like world down under.

The canton actually depicts a constellation - Octans the eight pointed star compass. Octans is at the bottom of our celestial sphere. The eight pointed star refers to the 'Southern Star' - Sigma Octantis.

Also the stripes are reversed to having white as the dominant color. Instead there are seven white stripes and six red stripes.

Alexander Island Flag - Antarctica

Alexander Island Flag - Antarctica

The flag of Alexander Island is based upon the flag of the Russian Navy because it was discovered by a Russian Citizen - Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen in 1821. However Bellingshausen was born in what is now modern day Estonia, thus the colour black is added on the left and right sides.