Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Vexillology of Thunderpants

Notice School Emblem

In 2002 a film about a boy with a certain kind of gift was released upon the public Thunderpants.

Because of his propensity to propel pungent puffs of putrid pockets of air from his arse, he has difficulty making friends. However one kid in school who was born without a sense of smell - Alan A. Allen (played by Rupert Grint of the Harry Potter franchise) is able to befriend Patrick.

Human powered flight via farting?

Here the boys enter a contest to create a flying machine with human power. Patrick Thunderpants is able to channel his flatulence into a hover craft that gives him the ability to lift themselves off the ground.

In the background are green flag pennant streamers and a red flag waving near the finish line. Although very improbable, using digestive gases as power source is possible.

Thunder Pants 1
designed to contain toxic emissions

Patrick 'Thunderpants' is able to enjoy some of his childhood when his buddy designs a special pair of pants - Thunderpants 1. This mechanical fancy pants clothing contains and channels the noxious fumes from Pat's derriere into a green tool box, which can later be safely eliminated in a Ghost Buster's like containment apparatus.

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