Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flags of from the movie Highlander - Clan MacLeod, part 1

Flag of Clan MacLeod from the Highlander

The Highlander is a classic cult movie from 1986. It is science fiction fantasy tale about a race of immortals that inhabit the earth.

The immortals live a life a part from normal humans and are destined to fight each other in a certain city and time - 1985 in NYC. The primary way of dispatching an immortal and taking his karmic life force or chi is by decapitation.

The story is centered on an immortal born in the Scottish Highlands in the 1500s - Connor MacLeod.

In the beginning of the movie Clan MacLeod is engaged in blood feud with Clan Fraser. During and just before the flag battle Clan MacLeod is waved before our eyes to see. It have various forms and during the parade from their castle it consists of a charge of three black ox heads on sanguine.

Lead Vexillum of Clan MacLeod

Before the two tribes start hostilities a proper vexillum of Clan MacLeod is shown. It has two black oxen in the chief positions. From the center base is what looks like a blue sapphire with red flames. At the chief cross top is the skull of a highland deer with antlers.

Original Movie Trailer

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