Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flags Nigeria and Rhodesia - a different shade of green

Flag of Nigeria

At the moment the flag of Nigeria is bonded outside of time to the former nation of Rhodesia. Nations come and go, subsequently flags change - sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.

The flag of Nigeria was in active political alignment with Rhodesia during its relatively short existence from 1965 until 1979. In 1979 Rhodesia under went a name change to Zimbabwe Rhodesia a little later to simply Zimbabwe. But its declaration of independence was not authorized by the UK and was often called in dispute as 'Southern Rhodesia' by the UK and its allies.

Also note there were several other colonies and states that also had Rhodesia in their name - Northern Rhodesia, North-Western Rhodesia, North-Eastern Rhodesia, and the Federation of Rhodesia with Nyasaland.

The flag of 'Rebel Southern Rhodesia' is and or was in harmonious alignment with Nigeria, depending on your point of view. Suffice it to say Rhodesia in the general way was a super African state that was too big for itself with harsh cultural divides - much like Nigeria.

Flag of Southern Rebel Rhodesia

It is only a matter of time for Nigeria to follow its forlorn fraternal twin Rhodesia by ceasing to exist or breaking up into smaller parts. There was already the Nigerian Civil War of from 1967-1970 for the forlorn nation of Biafra.

Like Sudan the religious divide between the Nigerian Islamic North and Christian-Animist South is seething with violence, mixed in with precious petroleum.

exiled colours to be, or not to be?

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  1. As a "Rhodesian", born and bred, I like it! Living in New Zealand, I now have difficulty with my adopted country's flag being confused with our larger neighbour's.