Monday, December 26, 2011

The vexillology of Tron Legacy

US Flag in front of Kevin Flynn's home

Tron Legacy 2010 was the continuation of Tron 1982. In this movie the cyber-computer world is a virtual universe that like the 'real world' has its heroes and villains who want to control the system. Tron was originally a program designed to keep the system free.

Tron Guard Programs with Vexilloids

The American flag makes a brief appearance in front of Kevin Flynn's place. Once inside the virtual computer universe - several objects are shown that qualify in some regard as a vexilloid. The guards under control of the system have long poles with white tips at the end that are also zapping program prods.

Bar keep light cane vexilloid

Finally the bar keeper at the club has a personal light cane. Seen here, he plays it like an air guitar when a fight breaks out.

Since the rise of the Internet there are voices from the powerful elite and special interests that want to control the Internet, subsequently a rebooted version of Tron in 2010 was harmoniously appropriate. Will the Internet remain a user free paradise or will people let a minority of powerful voices control the environment? Only time will tell.

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