Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flags of Our Darkest Night - Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan

Flag of Nazi Germany
sublime white moon like symbol

The flags of the Third Holy Roman Empire and Imperial Japan are united with a similar element of nation and ego. They are inflammatory symbols that carry the tone of a vulgar hand gesture or curse word.

These flags carry a heavy karmic weight like rape, war, suicide, and death. Regardless of the negative associations, they are flags beyond America and of a wicked kind of freedom. They bite like a dagger straight through the heart. Only faith and hope can contain these egos.

In the forgotten tragedy of the supposed war to end all wars, the seeds of hate and national-racial egoism provided the devastating climate for their bloom. Their roots and stems were covered in thorns of suffering and pain, for their people and more so for the enemy of state. Woe to their enemies, yet even more woe to those who fell under their spell.

A Flag of Imperial Japan
obvious Sun like design

They are a union of the yellow shark and flying white cobra, magnificent predators who make no friends. We live in the afterglow of their rise and fall. They are a reflection of our ignorant self and illustrate the folly of vengeance. Forgiveness and faith are their only antidote.

To blame and judge is easy to do, rather it better to air out our dirty laundry so we can clean it?

always remember that music and film are powerful propaganda


  1. the victors wrote the history books.

    1. How true. Easy to knock 'em after they've been defeated.