Monday, December 19, 2011

National Geographic Society Flag

Jane Goodall with Chimpanzee
holding national geographic society flag

The National Geographic Society was formed on January 27, 1888. Today it has become the premier association for global awareness with a keen eye on the environment and political-cultural situations across the planet.

This society has an earthy flag.  It is a horizontal tri-bar of three colours - blue on top, brown in the middle, and green along the bottom. Each row also has part of association's name written in white - 'NATIONAL' on blue, 'GEOGRAPHIC' on brown and 'SOCIETY' on green.

This Society has funded several research scientists.  One particularly famous recipient is Jane Goodall, who was able to do ground a breaking study of wild chimpanzees in Central Africa - shattering the myth that only 'man' uses tools.

Flag of National Geographic Society

However, the more famous icon of the National Geographic Society is the yellow portrait frame. Naturally, the colours of the flag are earthy and represent the dominant colours of life - green and brown.

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