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The Flags of Turkish Star Wars

Nostalgic Elegant Remake Poster
Turkish Star Wars 1982

Probably the worst rip off from the Star Wars franchise was the infamous Turkish Star Wars. Officially its name was 'The Man who saves the World' - Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam.

It is one of the greatest knock offs in movie history. It shows that making knockoffs in international markets is a relatively easy thing to do.

This odd scatter brained film lifts shots from the Star Wars. It also lifts musical scores from Indiana Jones and the 1980s version of Flash Gordon.

Bad Guy Flags

This movie is also plays homage to the effect Star Wars and American Fantasy had around the world in the 1980s. Although many may consider it an insult, it is also a complement. It is art inspired by art, however crude and odd it may seem. No doubt there are many elements of American culture that rip off concepts from other countries. A good example being - Ugly Betty. Why didn't the American media simply dub the Yo soy Betty, la Fea?

The hero 'Murat' held prisoner
in front of the Empires Flags

Ugly Betty (Yo Soy Betty, La Fea) and Turkish Stars Wars show that Americans and Turks are similar in some degree. They prefer to see their heroes and heroines in their own image - even though the basic concept is still the same.

However the American adaptation of Ugly Betty was much more grand, but the US had and has much more capacity to adapt a foreign notion or show into their own makeup. Look how each culture has made images of Jesus to look like their own. There is African Jesus, German Jesus, Roman Jesus, and Greek Jesus. But remember Jesus was Asian, Israel is an Asian nation.

Perhaps Turks can relate and feel more for a hero who looks like their self than the blonde haired and blue eyed Luke Skywalker? Would Americans be able to relate to a hero who saves the galaxy and looked like a Turk or Chinese person? Maybe in the future but not in 1977.

Movie of Turkish Star Wars

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