Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Dark Crystal Scepter and Wands of Wisdom, or Palmer Vexilloid

Original Movie Poster
The Dark Crystal 1982

The Dark Crystal was a feature science-fiction fantasy film from 1982, heralded out of the fantastic imagination of Jim Henson. This film used ground breaking puppetry that transported audiences to a land far far away. The theme of the film weaves elements of mysticism, coincidence, destiny, astronomy, and the seemingly perpetual struggle between good light and bad dark forces.

There are multiple 'linguistically' sentient species in the Dark Crystal World. The legend of the Dark Crystal centers on two seemingly oppositely charged races - the bold and selfish Skeksis and calm and selfless Mystics.

The Skeksis and Mystics both carry staffs or wands of rank. The Skeksis are rather dogmatic and are ruled by an emperor. The Emperor Skeksis' chief object of power denoting rule and stature is the Imperial Skeksi Scepter. This scepter is made of precious metals - perhaps gold, silver, and or other unknown jewels and metals. At the top of the scepter is a crescent shape that seems to mimic the shape of the Skeksis head.

A Mystic Carrying a Palmer like Staff
Each Staff of the Mystics is unique
note the tassel and rock finial

On the other hand the Mystics all carry their own staff that is unique for each Mystic. Every Mystic walks with a simple homemade staff of wisdom. The material of the Mystic's wands seems to be made of less than precious metal. They are rather simple easy to come by stones decorated with designs and tassels.

These Dark Crystal vexilloids are similar to a Palmer's staff in heraldry.

The Imperial Skeksis Scepter
on the pillow

To the right, the Emperor Skeksi passionately and greedily holds on to the Imperial Scepter on his deathbed. Note the crescent shape of the final with golden inlays. The crescent shape can be found throughout the Dark Crystal Palace, as a pattern and on their clothing.

In 1982 Jim Henson's imaginative planet in a triple star system seemed like a far fetched idea, some scientists though it was an absurd idea - a gravitational impossibility. But in 2005 a planet was found amongst a triple star system - HD 188753... or rather the J Henson 1982 Star Star System.

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