Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flagology - the scientific study of flags, only

Flagology Definition: the study of flags, only.

Vexillology is a big word that covers all types of poles with decorative items. It includes heraldry, aircraft markings, ancient Egyptian pole markers, and even military medals and pins. But Flagology only concerns itself with flags. Flagology concerns itself with flags and their depiction in various media - such as art, prints, movies, and in photographs.

Flagginese - the various terms associated with Flagology. Ex - The jargon and code for Flagology is Flagginese.

Flaggist - male, female, or inter-sexed person who studies Flagology, with published articles. Ex - Dr. Scmidt Witty is a Flaggist.

Flagmen - a male person who studies Flaogology, with published articles. Ex - The flagmen were required to wear jock straps when playing capture the flag.

Flageress - a female person who studies Flagology, with published articles. Ex -The flageress gave birth to two sets of triplets, so they called her the Sextomom.

Flagtastic - something that garners attention about flags. Ex - The Confederate Battle Flag is Flagtastic in Canada and the United States but no where else.

Flagee - a person who studies flags as a hobby but has never been professionally published. Ex- The flagee read over 300 books about flags and knew all of the world flags by heart, and knew more about flags than anyone but was never published so was ignored on important flag issues.

Flagish - the apparent non verbal communication between a flag and observer. Ex - Many Native Americans and wise men from the East recognize that flags can communicate beyond words.

Flagosity - when a flag captures your attention and penetrates your soul. Root Curiosity.

Flagalicious - When your heart pounds when a flag you love speaks 'Flagish' to your heart. Root to delicious. Ex - Sports fans enter a flagalicous state of mind before the game began when the cheerleader waved their flag.

Flagatecht - A person who designs flags. Ex - The Flagatecht was paid with bananas for her design of Banana Republic Flag.

Flaggit - a person who negatively judges another flag, and not open to another positive point of view of the flag in question. Ex - The flaggit mocked and burned Rudolph's flag because it had too many colours, patterns, and the word 'love.' OTHER DEFINITION - a person who flies their sports team flag from their car window.

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