Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Russian Space Force Flag

Flag of the Russian Space Forces
it has a noticeable element
from the Star Trek

Certainly Chekov would be proud? This is not some imaginary flag. It seems an American Television Show had a lasting effect, even upon her national rivals.

The Star Trek franchise has had wide reaching influences all over the world, even in Russia. The evidence? Look at the flag.

This is the flag of the Russian Space Forces. It uses four colours - white, red, navy blue, and sky blue. The central icon uses a Star Trek design. This Star Trek like icon is on a ellipse that is thematic of a Russian flag but with one added colour on top - navy blue. This flag was established on December 18, 2006.

Russian Space Forces
are the heirs to the Soviet Space Program and operates two space ports in Asia and Europe. The European space port is Arkhangelsk and the Asian space port in the Amur.

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