Thursday, September 1, 2011

ICV 24 - International Congress of Vexillology, Day 1 - 7th Presentation by David B. Martucci, USA

Day 1 - Speaker #9
USA - Maine
Martucci at the Podium

The ninth presentation was given David B. Martucci and was entitled The Standards of the Manhattoes, Pavonia, and Hell-Gate.

Martucci's lecture revealed the symbols and icons used in the early part of New York's history, before it was called New York. Most of the American colonies were planted on top of Native American lands, but New York was doubly planted on top of Dutch Culture. The lecture focused on the seals and standards of the Hudson Bay when it was under Dutch control. Martucci first presented a general sketch of Peter Stuyvesant the last Dutch leader of New Amsterdam, before its reformation in to New York.

We were shown the original seals of the Hudson Region when it was called and spelled 'Nieuw Amsterdam.' There was also a discrepancy between the official seal that was adopted and the one that was actually used. The official seal has the lion supporters with beaver facing right, but the seal that was used had neither lions and beavers was facing the opposite direction.

Matucci showed us the standard of the Men used at the Battle of Manhattoes. It featured a beaver pointed towards the corner of the upper hoist. The term Manhattoes refers to the area where the Hudson emptied into New York Bay or rather Nieuw Amsterdam Bay.

Also featured was the standard of the Vassals of Ancient Pavonia, that featured a an oyster shell. Pavonia was the first European settlement on the west side of the Hudson in what is now Hudson County, New Jersey. Perhaps it can be seen as one of the earliest flags of New Jersey heritage?

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