Thursday, September 1, 2011

ICV 24 - International Congress of Vexillology, Day 1 - 4th Presenation by John M. Hartvigsen, USA

Day 1 - Speaker #6
USA - Utah
Corrected Utah State flag with a
white shield and sensibly placed dates

The fourth presentation was given by John M. Hartvigsen and was entitled Utah's Adoption of Two Legislative Measures Affecting the Utah State Flag.

Hartvigsen gave us a birds eye view on the long process upon his discovery that the Utah State had been incorrectly designed 89 years. Hartvigsen made his discovery when he found the original spreadsheet on the Utah State flag back in 1985. Hartvigsen then made several attempts to relay his discovery to the public and state legislators - to no avail. Hartvigsen would have to wait 25 years until his discovery had an effect.

Due to the 100th anniversary of the official adoption of Utah State flag, interest in the flag rekindled. Subsequently Hartvigsen was able to reassert the correct design of the Utah State flag - and strike vexi-gold by playing a role in changing a state flag.

Additionally the first governors flag was created in 1903. It was later adopted as the state flag on March 9, 1911. It was later 'lost' for some time but rediscovered in in 2010, coincidentally one year before the 100th year of its official adoption in 1911.

It seems original error occurred in 1922 when a flag manufacture misplaced the position of 1847. From about 1922 unto 2010 the state flag of Utah was based on a 'flag mutation.' Hartvigsen discovered this mistake in 1985, but nobody cared until 25 years later.

In the end Hartvigsen said that, "Vexillology is a patient pursuit. "

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