Thursday, September 1, 2011

ICV 24 - International Congress of Vexillology, Day 1 - 2nd Presentation by Gwen Spicer & Alexandra Deutsch, USA

Day 1 - Speakers #2 & #3
USA - New York & Maryland

Gwen Spicer & Alexandra Deutsch

The second presentation was a duo - Gwen Spicer & Alexandra Deutsch. The title of their presentation was The Treatment of the 4th Regiment U.S.C.T. Civil War Flag. Spicer is an expert in flag restoration.

The presenatation began with a quote from Fredrick Douglas and acknowledged the excitement in US Civil War flags due to the 150th anniversary.

The talk focused on the preservation of flags saved and carried by an African American - Christian Fleetwood 1840-1914. Fleetwood received the medal of honor for his actions. Fleetwood "Seized the colors, after 2 color bearers had been shot down, and bore the nobly though the fight."

Christian Fleetwood

Christian Fleetwood was educated as a free black in Baltimore during the Civil War Era. Baltimore had the largest 'free' African American population at this time. Fleetwood attained the highest rank for 'colored' troops as a Sergeant Major.

It was also explained that the white portion of older flags is often in the poor condition because of the extensive chemical treatment to get a solid white colour. The preservation process was extensively discussed.

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