Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gavdos Flag, the most southern island of Eruope

Flag of Eruope's most Southern Island
Gavdos - a part of Greece under Crete Rule

The most southern point of the European Continent belongs to Spain at 36 degrees North. But the most southern isle of Europe limbos at 34 degrees with the island of Gavdos. Gavdos is a part of Greece governed as a part of Crete, yet a small island to itself.

The colours of this flag is red, white, blue and yellow which can be found in all Europeans flags. The blue background with yellow star in is honor of the European Union flag. The star is 'upside down' to indicate a southern direction. The apparent white cross on a blue background represents that Gavdos is a part of Greece.

Other flags of Europe are hidden within such as Monaco, Poland, Netherlands, and France. The cross is also an echo of others crosses found on other European flags.

Gavdos rests at 34 degrees 50' North. This puts it at same latitude of Los Angels.

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