Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flag Twins - Corsica and Sardinia

Flag of Corsica

An interesting flag comparison between Corsica and Sardinia reveals an edge of similarity. Both flags feature the profile of Africa's 'Scandinavians' - the Moors. Or rather Scandinavians are the Moors of Europe.

Corsica features one head facing towards the hoist, while Sardinia has many heads facing towards the fly.

This is a natural reflection of their shared heritage in between Africa and Europe - with a tilt towards Europe.

The flags are of the two main island in between Africa and Europe. Sardinia is under Italian rule while Corsica is attached to France. There are thousands of islands in the Mediterranean Sea, but these islands of a similar 'orbit' and weight, by queer chance have flags with matching charges.

Flag of Sardinia

The Corsican flag is modeled from the forlorn Corsican Republic, likewise Sardinia was once home to the semi-forgotten Kingdom of Sardinia.

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