Friday, September 16, 2011

Atlantic City Expressway Flag

Atlantic City Expressway Icon
with red flag in the center

A road with a flag? This is one road that can lead to a bust or boom, more often a bust. This limited access road was made in the interest of connecting the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area to Atlantic City - or rather to the hometown of Monopoly to the Delaware Valley. But due to a recent liberalization of Pennsylvania gambling laws - Atlantic City no longer holds a gambling monopoly on the Delaware Valley.

The logo of the Atlantic City Expressway features a life preserver with a red flag on a white hoist. The red flag shaped like a pennant shaped guidon - in a similar style to the Ohio State Flag.

Red is the colour of passion, danger, and excitement. This is a fitting for flag that leads to the unpredictable and dangerous hi-way of fateful chance.

Meaning of the Red Guidon
Letter B - International Maritime Signaling
Loading/Offloading Dangerous Cargo IMS
Letter N - Russian Navy
Explosives UK & Russian Navies
Going to Fire - Russian Navy
Expressway to Atlantic City - PA-NJ

The red Atlantic City flag is similar to the letter B or Bravo flag of International Maritime Signaling. Its secondary meaning is of a warning flag that means a ship is either taking up or releasing dangerous goods.

In the British Royal Navy it specifically refers to explosives, while in the Russian Navy it means the letter N and its secondary meaning is - I am going to fire off a shot or load ammunition.

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