Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lake Titicaca Flag

Lake Titicaca Flag

Lake Titicaca is the worlds highest navigable lake in the world. Titicaca is shared between Peru and Bolivia. It is 3.8 kilometers above sea level which is about 2 miles. In USA geographic terms its about as high as Humphreys Peak in Arizona.

The flag represents a stylized side view through the Andes Mountains of Lake Titicaca. Their are three blue trapezoids. The blue trapezoids along the bottom represent the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The blue trapezoid in the middle and high in the sky represents Lake Titicaca. The mountains are a brownish-purple with white caps. One mountain represents the tallest mountain in Peru and the other represents the tallest mountain in Bolivia.

The sun and moon are visible on the left and right sides. The red stripe along the bottom represents magma under the earth's crust, the orange stripe represents land and beaches, the thicker green stripe represents the jungles and fields.

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