Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dead Sea Flag

Dead Sea Flag

Here is the flag of the Dead Sea in Western Asia. It is composed of six colours - black, white, red, yellow, indigo, and blue. The colours and shapes have multi-layered meanings, in addition to having masonic enchantment.

'Masonic Enchantment' means that any other meaning that may be apparent to a point of view is also of merit. The great example being the letter 'G' of Free Masonry. Its meaning and truth can vary within the eye of the beholder. Whatever a persons inner eye sees, then that is what it means on an unlimited range of concepts.

The sky is black because of an eclipse. The moon is black and the corona of the sun is visible. The two indigo triangles represent the Mediterranean and Red Seas. The lower blue triangle is the Dead Sea. There are a total of five triangles. In alchemy the two upward red triangles also represent fire, while the one downward blue triangle represents water. The two indigo triangles also represent the two great family lines of Issac and Ishmael. The eclipsed sun is a symbol of great mystery, wonder, and fear.

The flag is a stylized geographic model side view of the earth. It is supposed to show that the shore line of the Dead Sea is the lower than the surrounding waters.

The bottom yellow stripe represents the earth and the rich minerals that lie underneath.

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  1. This flag also contains elements of the Israeli flag - blue, white, and triangles. Furthermore, the colours of the Palestine and Jordan flag are a part of Dead Sea flag theme via black, red, and white. Finally, the red triangles are designs found on the flags of Jordan and Palestine.