Monday, August 15, 2011

Cigar Galaxy Flag

Cigar Galaxy Flag

The colours on the Cigar Galaxy Flag are navy blue, brown, neon green, and blue. The roundels of neon green and blue represent one million light years.

Thus the we are 12 million light years away from the Cigar Galaxy Galaxy. She, this galaxy, can be found in Ursa Major, the Great Bear near the celestial arctic circle.

The Cigar Galaxy takes its shape because it is a 'star burst' galaxy. Because of her close in counter with Bode's Galaxy she became pregnant with stars. Galactic intercourse with Mr. Bode, Galaxy triggered the cosmic genesis of a few million baby stars. It is like a grand galactic adult movie. Thus Bode's Galaxy is the 'father' of many stars in the 'mommy' Cigar Galaxy.

Basically this is one way of how a galaxies do it.

Flag of Cigar Galaxy

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