Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flag of 2010 SO16, Aristotle Shen Dao - Earth's Sadow Moon II

Flag of Aristotle Shen Dao
Shadow Moon of Earth 2010 SO16

Recently discovered, 2010 SO16 is another moon-like hybrid asteroid that follows in the cosmic groove of Earth. However it shadows Earth in a 'horseshoe' orbit, that lasts about 350 years.

We think Aristotle Shen Dao 2010 SO16 is about 350 meters, which means it may be three and half football or soccer fields wide. This makes it prime real estate for a space station. Because of its super slow orbit around the sun, we pass by once a year in nearly the same place. It's another 'shadow moon' like Avalon 2002 AA29, but much larger.


It was discovered the Wide-field Infared Survey Explorer and its properties were figured out by David J. Asher and Christou Apostolos at the Armagh Observatory in Ireland.

The colours of the flag include black, white, and a sea-green. Green was chosen in honor Ireland and the Armagh Observatory. The black and white image represents a theoretical crossing of an asteroid through the moon during a lunar eclipse.

The white crescent moon on the flag has two shadows - one made by earth and one made by an asteroid. This gives it a counter charge quality - or rather a yin and yang essence.

This is reflective of its name which combines two sages from the Ancient West and East - Aristotle and Shen Dao. Its 350 long year long trip around the Sun honors in a synchronous manner when Aristotle and Shen Dao expressed their academic brilliance around 350 BC.

Shen Dao?

In 350 BC Aristotle argued that the earth may be spherical due to the shadow effect on the moon during a lunar eclipse. Aristotle also show cased a type of logical reasoning in his Organon. At nearly the same time the philosopher - Shen Dao - published his ideas that blended Legalism and Daoism.

Theoretical Crossing of Earth, Moon and Arsitotle Shen Dao

Legalism is a will based on a strict fundamentalist point of view - enforcing the rules no matter what - like a very very very strict religious orthodox school. However Daoism can be best summed up in Western Civilization by the fictional philosophies of Master Yoda and Obi-Wan. Or rather 'It's best ride with current of the ocean instead of trying to control it.'

Astrological Symbol for
Aristotle Shen Dao

It's based on the earth symbol. The horseshoe orbit is reflected by the upside down "omega" and is a reflection of Greek culture, while the cross is a stylized Chinese symbol for earth - with a much shorter base.

Perhaps we could call it a Shamoon? (Shadow-Moon)

Youtube Video Explaining
2010 s016 Aristotle Shen Dao


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