Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Zealand Flag Proposal 2011

New New Zealand Flag Proposal 2011

There have been many calls for a new flag for New Zealand. The flag issue is remarkably parallel to the Australian Flag crisis. There are many proposals that try to incorporate designs by the aboriginal Maroi and native Australians. And both nations have the same euro-centric heritage from the United Kingdom.

So who will be first to break with tradition? Certainly in whatever design Kiwis or Aussies choose the Southern Cross and the colour black will be included.

Popular Maori Flag

My flag proposal for New Zealand was first presented to vexillologists around the world at the 2011 International Congress of Vexillology, held at the Geroge Washington Masonic Memorial. The colours of the flag are blue, red, black and white. Black represents the native polynesian peoples that arrived before Europeans. The red and white stars of the current New Zealand flag are conserved. The red cross is an echo of the UK flag, bearing a symmetric resemblance to the St. Patrick's Cross. This symbolizes the world wide awakening of New Zealand to the community of nations as established by the British. The cross also represents the anitpode islands latitude and longitude.

Current New Zealand Flag

Although a conservative flag compared to most New Zealand flag proposals it incorporates all the colours of the popular Maroi flag and maintains a certain line of tradition. Only if they change the name of the country, a more radical design would be appropriate.

Info about New Zealand Flag Association (NZFA)


  1. I like it. The 2011 proposal I mean.

  2. 2011 better than current

  3. Thanks for sharing! Looks like Fiji is in the running for a new flag too. Who will be first New Zealand, Fiji, Australia or Tuvalu. All four have UK cantons.