Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July & the World Santa Claus Conference in Denmark

German Santa with Pope
like hat and German Flag

Since 1957 in the middle of July, Santa Claus helpers from around the world have met up in Denmark. Thus it is official the start of the the 2011 Christmas Season. The international Congress of Santa helpers meet in Dyrehavsbakken Park, which traces its roots back to 1583. This special park is also the worlds oldest amusement park still in operation.

The flag of Denmark reflects strongest the spirit of Christmas. The colours of that of Santa's suit and the cross is strongly reflective of the Nativity. It makes no wonder, that the spirit of father Christmas is entangled with Denmark.

X-mas mail box flag from
National Lampoons X-mas

Christmas in July has several origins but one of the best reasons is that half the world is in the middle of winter. Jack Frost is hard at work down under from June to August.

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