Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sea Shepard Flag - Whale Warriors

The flag of the Sea Shepard Conservation Society gained a bit of popularity in 2008, when the cable channel Animal Planet aired the show Whale Warriors.

Sea Shepard Conservation Society operates in all oceans across the world. It's mission is to protect endangered wildlife from poachers. This environmentalist organization was founded in 1977 by Paul Watson - a former member of Greenpeace. Watson created this splinter group due to phisolosphical differences. Green Peace is an annoyance to wildlife poachers, but the Sea Sheapard is several degrees more confrontational and aggressive.

Flag of Sea Shepard

The flag of Sea Shepard design is based on classical pirate flag design. But the Sea Shepard Jolly Roger is not a decorative museum flag of a bygone era. This flag is active and has recently born witness to violent confrontation on the high seas. And it will continue to do so in the near future.

This flag has a black background. Like the classical jolly roger, it features a white skull, upon the forehead is the outline of a dolphin and sperm whale. The dolphin and whale are positioned like yin and yang like fashion. The dolphin is swimming 'upwards' while the whale swims 'downwards.' Below the skull are crossed arms - a traditional shepard's crook and trident spear. Harder to see is another dolphin etched at the base of the trident's meeting point with the pole - and on it is an 'above' profile of a dolphin.

Finally along the bottom is the name of the organization written in white print SEA SHEPARD.

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