Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hamburg & Frankfurt - aka Hamburger vs Hotdogs

Flag of Frankfurt in Germany
Hot Dogs were once called Frankfurters
until German Aggression in the 1900s

Why do we call hamburgers hamburgers? They don't have any ham in them. There is the Cliff Clavin explanation that some German guys from Hamburg killed some animal and rode on top of the meat on horseback, and when they got 'home' they called it hamburger.

Likewise how do you get 'hot dog' out of a oblong bun shaped sandwich that is not made of dog-meat and is full of miscellaneous and left over pork products?

Before the rise of aggressive German Political parties they were originally called Frankfurter's since German-American immigrants added this this to the general picture of official 'American Food.' By the early 1900s, baseball was the American Pastime and frankfurters were the it food at game time - thank you Germany.

But due to the Kaiser and other mean-holes, the Anglo-American Elite decided that we should spite German Pride by changing the name to Hot Dog. They also tried to call Sauerkraut Liberty Cabbage - but it didn't stick.

Fast forward to the 21 century, and American Leaders were motivated to change the name of 'French Fries' to 'Freedom Fries,' since the French Government didn't support the US invasion of Iraq.

Flag of Hamburg
Contrary to its name 'Hamburger' has no Ham

Hamburgers were also given new names after WWI - 'Liberty Steak' and 'Salisbury-Steak.' Perhaps Patriot-Patty or Beef-Burger would have made more sense! You can still see Salisbury Steak on some menus, but the anti-German essence is gone.

To the left is the flag of Hamburg, Germany. It was the original 'White Castle' associated with a special kind of hamburger. Like a Hamburger it has a meaty Christian Cross stuffed between a Star of David bun.

So what can we learn? American Right Wing vibes are able to change the English Language when the nation wants to spite a foreign government. Likewise American Left Wing vibes are able to change the English language to accommodate minorities... aka the 'Yin-Lesser' point of view.

Thus, one way of making American 'go metric' is to either convince the American People that the current 'enemy of mind' is responsible for our unhappy 'political' dilemma and is responsible for the irrational ounces-pounds-tons measuring system. Or that white men invented irrational yards-foot-mile measuring system to keep women and minorities in their place.

Pee Wee Herman in Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams, 1981
is the Original Hamburger Man

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