Saturday, March 12, 2011

G.I. Joe American Hero & Rambo Patch

The Joe Team standing in front of the American Flag

GI Joe and Rambo were more than just feeling in the 80s. If you were an American boy born in the mid 70s and allowed to watch TV cartoons, these shows had a role in the foundation of your sense of American Patriotism.

GI Joe was created in 1964, launched with worry as a doll for boys. But this was one risk well worth its gamble. Boys didn't mind playing with dolls so long as they came with guns, weapons, and gadgets.

Insignia of COBRA
GI Joe dolls did well and in 1982 the popular small action figure set and comic book was created with Marvel Comics. Also introduced in 1982 was GI Joe's enemy - Cobra - an international terrorist organization bent of destroying freedom (see the video below). Cobra's insignia was of course the outline of a Cobra in red.

Rambo Patch

Another patriotic go USA icon of the 80s was Rambo. Rambo was originally a book - First Blood 1972 - by David Morell. Ten years later the Hollywood movie adaptation was made - First Blood - and starred Silvester Stallone as Rambo in 1982. Rambo would spawn two sequels, but in 1986 an animated version of Rambo for kids was created - Rambo and the Forces of Freedom.

Kid friendly Rambo featured a patch. It had an American Bald Eagle in flight - with talons extended to the lower left. The Eagle was superimposed on disc that featured nine red and white stripes - like the original Son's of Liberty. On the lower side of the disc is written the motto ' THE FORCE OF FREEDOM.'

Rambo's Friends with Rambo Patch

Rambo and the Forces of Freedom is a Yin and Yang compliment to GI Joe: An American Hero. GI Joe worked as team against a power hungry army that used terrorism to destroy human freedom. But animated Rambo fought solo - with some technical help - against General War Hawk in order to protect the, "Peace Loving People of the World." (see video below)

Animated Intro of GI Joe & Rambo Animated Series

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