Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vice Presidents Day?

Official Vice President Flag Design

A day of Honor for #2?

Vice presidents were originally the runner up in the presidential election. They are also presidential trainees with on the job experience.

With President Tyler, Vice Presidents realized their potential as the emergency back up president.

Recently VPs are chosen in Yin and Yang like fashion to balance the presidential ticket in the hopes of getting more votes. Likewise their responsibilities have enormously grown.

Vice Presidents who do not become Presidents are Americas unsung heroes. You'd think a few book publishers would mass market an American Vice President Book every once and a while? Evey year publishers pump out US Presidential books! Come one, lets give the big number two some shelf space.

Vice Presidential Flag

Most people don't even now if their own state even gave America a Vice President. Ask your average Joe in Pennsylvania, "How many vice presidents came from Pennsylvania?" Most will not know. But two Grand All American Number Twos were made in PA - Vice President Biden - and George Dallas. Vice President Dallas was in office when Texas was annexed to the United States. Thus we have Dallas, Texas. So in a weird way the Dallas Cowboys inherit their name from a man born in Philadelphia.

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