Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wake Island - the first part of the USA to awaken!

Official Flag of Wake Island
Where the day begins in the USA

Wake Island is the first part of the United States to start each new day, and bring in the New Year! 2012 had come and already began for this small slice of 'America' while much of the nation was not yet...awake.

American Wakers celebrate the New Year at the same time as their southern Kiwi cousins down under in New Zealand. Wake Island is due north of Resolution Island, New Zealand. But by latitude Wake Island's climate is on par with Northern Vietnam or Veracruz, Mexico.

Compare to Wake Island
Texas and North Carolina are fraternal twins

The flag of Wake Island takes after Texas or rather North Carolina. Unlike these two 'Southern Brothers' Wake Island is parted like a sideways 'Y' rather than sideways 'T.' The red, white and blue pattern mirror's that of Texas. However the blue hoist portion is more like North Carolina since it has yellow stars and scribbles like North Carolina's yella' ribbons and yeller' state initials.

Wake Island is a 99er so to speak since it was annexed in 1899. During WWII the Japanese attacked it the same day as Pearl Harbor and captured it three weeks later. The island was retaken by American forces on September 4, 1945.

Coincidentally the name of the island reflects its point as America's Land of the Rising Sun - since America awakens to each new day or new year at Wake Island.

Happy New Year 2012!

This is why we say "WAKE UP" instead of "MAINE UP"

Friday, December 30, 2011

Woo Hoo! 10,000 Hits Per Month!


To all my friends and family who helped, in small steps is where the miracles happen!

The Colors or Livery of Rydell High - from Grease 1978

Animated Rydell School Pennant in Rizzo's Room

The fictional school in Grease is Rydell High. It is the primary setting for one of the classic and epic musicals about the 1950s - Grease. During the movie the colors or rather livery of the school are displayed - red and white.

Grease was originally produced as a play in 1971, and it is one of the few Broadway productions to successfully cross over in Hollywood in 1978.

The real Rydell High School Pennant
in Rizzo's Room minus Rizzo

During a Pink Ladies slumber party at Rizzo's, the school pennant from Rydell High can be seen hanging on the wall behind a paint by number horse and picture of Elvis. It can be seen clearly during the Look at Me, I'm Sandradee song.

The Rydell Rangers Pep Rally - Grease 1978

At a pep rally for the Rydell Rangers the school coach leads the cheerleaders and fans. The American flag with 48 stars can be seen in the background and the stage columns are wrapped in red bunting on a white background to emphasize the school colors.

Principal Mrs. McGee raising
school flag with assistant Blanche

In the Hollywood sequel of Grease 2 - the tacky 80s take on the not so electric boogaloo. This train wreck takes place two years later in 1961, the school flag of Rydell Flag is shown in the beginning. The director couldn't help but sneak so totally not so tubular in 80s hair, music and style. Although marketing forces like to wrap decades and generations into neat little packages like the 50s, 80s, 00s, Generation X, Y, & Z. These are broad and often untrue generalizations, since there parts of the the 1960s that were no different from the 1950s. Likewise each person is their own 'decade' of whatever.

Original Trailer

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Vexillology of Thunderpants

Notice School Emblem

In 2002 a film about a boy with a certain kind of gift was released upon the public Thunderpants.

Because of his propensity to propel pungent puffs of putrid pockets of air from his arse, he has difficulty making friends. However one kid in school who was born without a sense of smell - Alan A. Allen (played by Rupert Grint of the Harry Potter franchise) is able to befriend Patrick.

Human powered flight via farting?

Here the boys enter a contest to create a flying machine with human power. Patrick Thunderpants is able to channel his flatulence into a hover craft that gives him the ability to lift themselves off the ground.

In the background are green flag pennant streamers and a red flag waving near the finish line. Although very improbable, using digestive gases as power source is possible.

Thunder Pants 1
designed to contain toxic emissions

Patrick 'Thunderpants' is able to enjoy some of his childhood when his buddy designs a special pair of pants - Thunderpants 1. This mechanical fancy pants clothing contains and channels the noxious fumes from Pat's derriere into a green tool box, which can later be safely eliminated in a Ghost Buster's like containment apparatus.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flags Nigeria and Rhodesia - a different shade of green

Flag of Nigeria

At the moment the flag of Nigeria is bonded outside of time to the former nation of Rhodesia. Nations come and go, subsequently flags change - sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.

The flag of Nigeria was in active political alignment with Rhodesia during its relatively short existence from 1965 until 1979. In 1979 Rhodesia under went a name change to Zimbabwe Rhodesia a little later to simply Zimbabwe. But its declaration of independence was not authorized by the UK and was often called in dispute as 'Southern Rhodesia' by the UK and its allies.

Also note there were several other colonies and states that also had Rhodesia in their name - Northern Rhodesia, North-Western Rhodesia, North-Eastern Rhodesia, and the Federation of Rhodesia with Nyasaland.

The flag of 'Rebel Southern Rhodesia' is and or was in harmonious alignment with Nigeria, depending on your point of view. Suffice it to say Rhodesia in the general way was a super African state that was too big for itself with harsh cultural divides - much like Nigeria.

Flag of Southern Rebel Rhodesia

It is only a matter of time for Nigeria to follow its forlorn fraternal twin Rhodesia by ceasing to exist or breaking up into smaller parts. There was already the Nigerian Civil War of from 1967-1970 for the forlorn nation of Biafra.

Like Sudan the religious divide between the Nigerian Islamic North and Christian-Animist South is seething with violence, mixed in with precious petroleum.

exiled colours to be, or not to be?

Monday, December 26, 2011

The vexillology of Tron Legacy

US Flag in front of Kevin Flynn's home

Tron Legacy 2010 was the continuation of Tron 1982. In this movie the cyber-computer world is a virtual universe that like the 'real world' has its heroes and villains who want to control the system. Tron was originally a program designed to keep the system free.

Tron Guard Programs with Vexilloids

The American flag makes a brief appearance in front of Kevin Flynn's place. Once inside the virtual computer universe - several objects are shown that qualify in some regard as a vexilloid. The guards under control of the system have long poles with white tips at the end that are also zapping program prods.

Bar keep light cane vexilloid

Finally the bar keeper at the club has a personal light cane. Seen here, he plays it like an air guitar when a fight breaks out.

Since the rise of the Internet there are voices from the powerful elite and special interests that want to control the Internet, subsequently a rebooted version of Tron in 2010 was harmoniously appropriate. Will the Internet remain a user free paradise or will people let a minority of powerful voices control the environment? Only time will tell.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Legend of King Arthur - as told by Walt Disney, The Sword in the Stone

Sword in the Stone intro Book
note the three heraldic shields along the bottom

The Sword in the Stone 1963 was Walt Disney's take on the epic semi-legend of King Arthur. The story unfolds on the imaginative humble beginnings of King Arthur, as the unexpected ruler of England.

Flags of all shapes and sizes make an appearance in the movie. The movie makes extravagant use of heraldic designs, but during the supposed time period of King Arthur - heraldry was not yet an institution. Records trace its emergence some 700 years after the life of King Arthur. Nonetheless, Disney's effective and colourful use of heraldry enriches this fanciful tale about the Legend of King Arthur.

Boy King Arthur having just
pulled the sword from the stone

You can see a vexillum in the upper right hand corner. It is a cross shaped pole, the flag is a gonfalon coloured blue, black and two shades of pink. This type of flag was used by the Romans and is the origin of the term Vexillology.

During King Arthur's time the Roman Empire had abandoned the British Isles, but no doubt parts of Roman technology and culture would have remained.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Flags

John Connor rallying with troops
behind a tattered American Flag

A tattered US Flag waves defiantly in the beginning of Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines 2003. Standing in front of the flag is John Connor, the key individual responsible for winning the war against the machines.

As it goes with time travel movies, in this alternate future Judgement Day still happens but by different means.

Notice two Confederate and POW MIA flag

The Confederate Flag and POW MIA flags also make an appearance in this movie when one of the Terminators seeks clothes at the bar. The flags hang along the wall and are folded. They are not flying in traditional flag pole fashion but rather as a decorative background for the walls.

Flag of Texas - hung upside down

The flag of Texas is in the background, along the wall, but it is hung upside down which is a common mistake.

A way to remember how to hang the flag of Texas - is to remember that Texas shed blood towards the south with Mexico to be independent, while North Carolina shed blood to the north with Canada for independence. The red bloody bar of Texas and North Carolina are in sync with the direction of spilling blood with 'normal' map positioning. Thus the red bar of Texas is on the bottom-south side towards Mexico while the red bar of North Carolina is on the top-north side towards Canada.

Space Balls Vexillology - the seal of Captain Lone Starr

The Roundel of Captain Lone Starr

Probably the best parody of the Star Wars franchise was Space Balls 1988, directed by Mel Brooks. Spaced nearly in between the original and the second generation of official Star Wars Movies, it was refreshing respite for Star Wars junkies.

The hero of the movie is Captain Lone Starr who travels the galaxy in an RV modified for space travel. On the passenger side door is the insignia of his ship. It features a North American Bald Eagle facing sinister. In the crest is the number five on a gold disc, up top it is written Eagle in all black capital letters. Below the eagle is a scroll that reads "CAPT LONE STARR." Finally along the bottom is another motto - "Hero for Hire."

Short Video of the Eagle 5 - Cosmic RV

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Holiday Card of 2011 - Minnesota and Idaho

Holiday Spirit Glazed Minnesota Flag

Ho ho ho, ho?

This year Minnesota and Idaho were chosen as the flags of the season. They are states with similar points of view, just south of the border. Canadian Border that is.

The state flag of Minnesota has been altered a wee bit to be in season. It is a cold and calm winters night. The Native American is sitting down with a Norwegian-American for a warm cup of hot chocolate in front of camp fire. Their arms are laid across each other in peace. Instead of the state flower, the lady slipper, poinsisettas are arranged in the blue circle. Also the white ring of Minnesota is black with either tiny snow or stars shimmering in the addition to the 19 larger yellow stars. The red banner no longer holds the state motto, rather the declaration of World Peace. Two peace doves are on the left and right sides, as a symbol of 'World Peace.'

Christmas Enchanted Flag of Idaho

The flag of Idaho has been 'North Polarized' with a traditional American Christmas theme. Coincidentally both flags feature the state seals and both originate from the hand of womankind. Emma Edwards Green designed the seal for Idaho and Amelia Hyde Center created the first flag for Minnesota.

The interesting coincidence is that both states are middle climates - globally speaking. Idaho and Minnesota are between the north pole and equator, cut at 45 degrees north. Thus they get a global full blast of winter and summer. Likewise many of the wild four legged critters change their coats from brown to white in the winter and vice-versa in the summer - examples being the snowshoe hare and various weasels.

Original Seal of Minnesota with Holiday Peace Greeting

Two classic all American Imaginary Characters can trace their roots to these states. One of America's most favorite childhood dogs - Snoopy! And that every so magical mouse - Mickey.

Charles Shultz was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota who later gave life to the Peanuts Gang. Shultz's animated holiday specials eventually became a rite of passage and ritual for many American children.

Original Seal of Idaho with Christmas Theme

Although Walt Disney is from Illinois the spirit of Mickey Mouse came from Idaho. After Walt drew up this magical little mouse of charm, he called it Mortimer Mouse. But his wife Lillian - originally from Idaho - chose the name Mickey. Chances are if Lillian didn't speak her mind, Mortimer Mouse would not have become famous. Thus Lillian Disney was in a sense a creator of Mickey Mouse.

So, ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flags from the movie UP - 2009, by Disney

The movie Up 2009 is the story about an elderly gentleman - Carl Fredricksen - who decided to live his dream to visit Angel Falls in South America. The extraordinary point about his voyage is that he flies to Venezuela with helium air balloons attached to his house. Things seems to be working well, but a young boy - Russel - has accidentally come along while standing on his porch. The boy belongs to a boy scout like organization called the Wilderness Explorers. While standing at the man's doorway the boy can be seen with a flag of the organization. The colours of the organization are primarily orange. The logo consists of a yellow letter 'W' on top of pine tree. The bark of the pine tree is shaped like the letter 'E,' this is reference to Wilderness Explorers. Finally the Tree with the letters W and E are on an orange disc. Several items on Russels backpack carry the logo of stylized tree logo of the Wilderness Explorers.

Carl goes to court in Ohio
The Ohio State flag is on the right

After trying to protect his beloved mailbox painted by his deceased wife, Carl assaults a construction worker with his tennis ball cane, and has to go to court. To the left of the judge is the American flag and on the right is the Ohio State flag.

A journey across the continents from Ohio to Venezuela by a bunch of helium balloons is possible, yet would require a lot of balloons, many more than suggested in the movie.

In the ending scrap book credits, Carl can be seen holding a Wilderness Explorer flag.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flags of Our Darkest Night - Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan

Flag of Nazi Germany
sublime white moon like symbol

The flags of the Third Holy Roman Empire and Imperial Japan are united with a similar element of nation and ego. They are inflammatory symbols that carry the tone of a vulgar hand gesture or curse word.

These flags carry a heavy karmic weight like rape, war, suicide, and death. Regardless of the negative associations, they are flags beyond America and of a wicked kind of freedom. They bite like a dagger straight through the heart. Only faith and hope can contain these egos.

In the forgotten tragedy of the supposed war to end all wars, the seeds of hate and national-racial egoism provided the devastating climate for their bloom. Their roots and stems were covered in thorns of suffering and pain, for their people and more so for the enemy of state. Woe to their enemies, yet even more woe to those who fell under their spell.

A Flag of Imperial Japan
obvious Sun like design

They are a union of the yellow shark and flying white cobra, magnificent predators who make no friends. We live in the afterglow of their rise and fall. They are a reflection of our ignorant self and illustrate the folly of vengeance. Forgiveness and faith are their only antidote.

To blame and judge is easy to do, rather it better to air out our dirty laundry so we can clean it?

always remember that music and film are powerful propaganda

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Daily Show - flag proposal for Libya

John Oliver
proposing a new flag for Libya

The Daily Show is a satrical and sometimes serious take on the news. Recognizing itself as Fake News, yet it is often more real than supposed 'official' news. Its satirical editorial reporting even attracts serious official and professional guests - domestic and international. I wouldn't doubt that the Daily Show could book the new leader of North Korea in 2012 - Kim Jong-un.

Earlier this year a flag was facetiously proposed by John Oliver. It was horizontal tri-bar with a 'Canadian Fess.' The upper bar in chief was yellow, the middle bar was indigo, and the lower bar was red. In the center was a white crescent moon with two stars that looked like a smiley face.

Monday, December 19, 2011

National Geographic Society Flag

Jane Goodall with Chimpanzee
holding national geographic society flag

The National Geographic Society was formed on January 27, 1888. Today it has become the premier association for global awareness with a keen eye on the environment and political-cultural situations across the planet.

This society has an earthy flag.  It is a horizontal tri-bar of three colours - blue on top, brown in the middle, and green along the bottom. Each row also has part of association's name written in white - 'NATIONAL' on blue, 'GEOGRAPHIC' on brown and 'SOCIETY' on green.

This Society has funded several research scientists.  One particularly famous recipient is Jane Goodall, who was able to do ground a breaking study of wild chimpanzees in Central Africa - shattering the myth that only 'man' uses tools.

Flag of National Geographic Society

However, the more famous icon of the National Geographic Society is the yellow portrait frame. Naturally, the colours of the flag are earthy and represent the dominant colours of life - green and brown.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Neighbor the Totoro, the Totoro Vexilloids - leafs and umbrellas

Notice the Totoro holding natural vexilloids - leaves

In 1988 Hayao Miyazaki's Tonari no Totoro would stir the imagination of Japan. A Totoro is a type of forest spirit-creature that can only be seen by little children, if they want to show themselves. They live in the forests and collect acorns. Totoros are like a mix of bunny and squirrel with a dash of magic.

In the movie three types of Totoros make an appearance. The smallest is a white totoro.  This wee white puff uses a tiny sprout as a vexilloid. The medium size blue totoro uses a large leaf as a vexilloid, and finally a large grey totoro with 'v' markings on the chest.  The big grey Totoro uses an umbrella as his vexilloid.

Satsuki and the smaller Totoros
causing the trees to grow

To the left is a little white totoro and mid-size blue totoro, they are standing in front of the tree patch that the girls had planted. In a strange semi-real dream, the Totoros show the girls how to help the seeds sprout into powerful cosmic tress. The totoros have seemed to open an alternate potential reality where the trees grow to enormous heights.

But the next morning, the girls return to ordinary reality minus the gargantuan trees, but the seeds that they had planted have sprouted. Although it seemed like a dream it was an educational experience out of the ordinary, with a little totoro magic.

Totoros with the girls
helping the spouts come pop up

Here the three Totoros with their respective vexilloids - an umbrella, a leaf, and a sprout stand next to Mei and Satsuki. The Totoro's show Mei and Satsuki that trees and people are interconnected.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis' the Season for Red and Green - Morocco and Bangladesh are buddies I see! Ho ho ho and let it snow!

Flag of Morocco
Flag of the Night - stars are suns that are far away

Red and green - ho ho ho! I spy a pair whose banners shimmer along the sea. Oh what a joy for vexillology! One in North Africa their other in South Asia, in stunning glee. I present to thee, a happy poem from the mouth of me.

United by the same holy book, a wise man, look!

Towards Mecca they pray, morning, night and day. First from the East unto the West, and then from the West unto the East. Which way is best? Who could guess? It's no matter which way, I say! As long as you pray morning, night, noon, and day!

Flag of Bangladesh
Flag of the Day - The sun is a star that is close by

Formerly colonies now on their own. Look how these lands have changed and grown.

They both feature a centrally placed star, one close up and the other from afar.

A counter charge of green and red, what more can be said? One land is witness to the mighty monsoon, the other a land where the desert may bloom.

With a grand range of character full of life, both entangled with a wee bit strife.
Nonetheless a happy place to live whose native people love to share and give.

Merry Christmas and or Happy Ramadan - tis' my hope you feel that sweet and refreshing splendid divine calm.

Ho, ho, ho!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Flags of Turkish Star Wars

Nostalgic Elegant Remake Poster
Turkish Star Wars 1982

Probably the worst rip off from the Star Wars franchise was the infamous Turkish Star Wars. Officially its name was 'The Man who saves the World' - Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam.

It is one of the greatest knock offs in movie history. It shows that making knockoffs in international markets is a relatively easy thing to do.

This odd scatter brained film lifts shots from the Star Wars. It also lifts musical scores from Indiana Jones and the 1980s version of Flash Gordon.

Bad Guy Flags

This movie is also plays homage to the effect Star Wars and American Fantasy had around the world in the 1980s. Although many may consider it an insult, it is also a complement. It is art inspired by art, however crude and odd it may seem. No doubt there are many elements of American culture that rip off concepts from other countries. A good example being - Ugly Betty. Why didn't the American media simply dub the Yo soy Betty, la Fea?

The hero 'Murat' held prisoner
in front of the Empires Flags

Ugly Betty (Yo Soy Betty, La Fea) and Turkish Stars Wars show that Americans and Turks are similar in some degree. They prefer to see their heroes and heroines in their own image - even though the basic concept is still the same.

However the American adaptation of Ugly Betty was much more grand, but the US had and has much more capacity to adapt a foreign notion or show into their own makeup. Look how each culture has made images of Jesus to look like their own. There is African Jesus, German Jesus, Roman Jesus, and Greek Jesus. But remember Jesus was Asian, Israel is an Asian nation.

Perhaps Turks can relate and feel more for a hero who looks like their self than the blonde haired and blue eyed Luke Skywalker? Would Americans be able to relate to a hero who saves the galaxy and looked like a Turk or Chinese person? Maybe in the future but not in 1977.

Movie of Turkish Star Wars

Flags of Highlander - part 3, the Sparkly Confederate Flag and Wrestling

The Sparkly Sequin Confederate Battle Flag

In the movie Highlander 1986 the flag of the Cofederacy makes a strange appearace in the beginning. In the scene at Madison Square Garden a pro-wrestling match is taking place while a sword fight between two immortals takes place in the parking garage.

The wrestler who enters the ring is draped in a shiny sparkly sequin Confederate Battle flag.

It is not your traditional Confederate Flag. Only one bend is decorated with stars, and they don't add up to thirteen. The other cross bend has writing of some sort on it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flags of Highlander - Clan Fraser, part 2

Flag of Clan Fraser
three white daises

In the beginning of Highlander 1986 a fight breaks out in the Scottish Highlands between Clan MacLeod and Clan Fraser in 1536. In this battle scene we see the flag of Clan Fraser which consists of charge of three white flowers - daises on a dark blue.

Amongst Clan Fraser is an immortal mercenary - Kurgan. Some how Kurgan has realized that amongst Clan MacLeod is another immortal who dosen't know he is immortal. Thus it is Kurgan's goal to murder a potential rival even before he has a chance to realize his potential. Kurgan is able to injure the 'sleeping' immortal but is not successful in decapitating his rival.

Clan Fraser ready for battle
with 'Flower Power' Flag

The banner is along the bottom in the pic to right. It is never explained why the two Clans are fighting nor how Kurgan figured out that Connor MacLeod was an immortal. But fate steps in and lets Connor realize his potential. Kurgan and Connor meet again in America some 350 years later in NYC.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flags of from the movie Highlander - Clan MacLeod, part 1

Flag of Clan MacLeod from the Highlander

The Highlander is a classic cult movie from 1986. It is science fiction fantasy tale about a race of immortals that inhabit the earth.

The immortals live a life a part from normal humans and are destined to fight each other in a certain city and time - 1985 in NYC. The primary way of dispatching an immortal and taking his karmic life force or chi is by decapitation.

The story is centered on an immortal born in the Scottish Highlands in the 1500s - Connor MacLeod.

In the beginning of the movie Clan MacLeod is engaged in blood feud with Clan Fraser. During and just before the flag battle Clan MacLeod is waved before our eyes to see. It have various forms and during the parade from their castle it consists of a charge of three black ox heads on sanguine.

Lead Vexillum of Clan MacLeod

Before the two tribes start hostilities a proper vexillum of Clan MacLeod is shown. It has two black oxen in the chief positions. From the center base is what looks like a blue sapphire with red flames. At the chief cross top is the skull of a highland deer with antlers.

Original Movie Trailer

Scotland and Greece - fraternal twins

4 Blue Triangle White Cross Flag of Scotland

The white cross flag of Greece is aligned with the flag of Scotland. Neither flag represents the nation officially at the UN, yet they are acceptable flags for each nation.

Coincidentally both Scotland and Greece have two national flags. At the moment their supreme national flags have elements of their white cross flags. The Scottish white cross-4 blue triangle flag is an essential element of the national UK Union flag parted in eight fractions, likewise the modern Greek flag uses the a white cross-4 blue square as the canton on its nine striped national flag.

4 Blue Rectangle White Cross of Greece

The design harmony of the white cross 4-blue triangle and 4-square flags unite these nations in what I call a certain kind of flag symmetry.

They are a union of extreme ends or beginnings of Europe from the South to North and East to West. Greece sits in a corner in between Africa and Asia. There is a tiny portion of Greece that is east of Asia, just as there is a tiny portion that looks north towards Africa. Scotland on the other hand is a key element of Europe, yet detached from the mainland and ever so close to America. Amazingly, parts of Scotland are closer to the North American Continent than to Athens, Greece.

The eight blue triangles of the UK National flag
originate from the Scottish flag

Geographically they are union of the Europe at a maximum of Spring and Autumn. Greece being the hallmark of Europe in Spring and Scotland the epitome of Europe in Fall. Both nations are composed of hundreds of tiny isles and a mainland. This has given the Greco-Scot peoples a keen and almost magical sense of the water and shipbuilding. Thus their livelihood has been perpetually tied to the seas.

The Canton of National Greek Flag
retains an earlier version of the national flag

Both nations have one of the deepest and strongest undertows on the makeup of American Culture. From the ancient world we have Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, and Aristopanes to name a few, and from the modern world from Scotland we can thank Watt, Maxwell, Henderson, Bell, and Rutherford. From ideas of democracy to i-pods and cell phones all the glorious and enchanted tools and toys of the modern world - we all share a connection to Greece and Scotland.

Pegasus with Greek Flag

A good portion of the Western World rests on the coat tails of these luminous minds born at opposite ends of Europe.

The one ritual or tradition shared by all nations traces its roots to Greece - the Olympics, while the beloved games of the well to do in every nation can trace its roots to Scotland - golf, or for the not too well to do - mini golf. From St. Andrews to the Acropolis the Scot and Greek are the maker of games cherished by all.

Heraldic Unicorn of Scotland

Scotland and Greece are connected by the mysterious and circumstantial hand of fate in what I have termed a Fraternity of Twins for Eternity. The echo of Europe's tribalism is etched in stone in crystal clear language with Scotland and Greece. From the ancient rivalry between the city-states of Athens and Sparta, as it was with blood feuding and competitive clans of Scotland.

The elusive and powerful clubs of modern society carry an echo of these two nations. At the collegiate level the Greek Fraternity plays a dominant role at university, placement of jobs and the destiny of connected brothers and sisters. Likewise in the professional world, modern Freemasonry traces much to Scotland, and has a powerful influence in key business transactions and the placement of certain lime lights.

Scotland and Greece are like Yin and Yang whose cultural elements have been adored and ingrained in the American Spirit. They are the doorstep wingmen of Europe. Their flags are a match of the magnificent and famous winged horse, Pegasus, with the nameless and enchanted mystical Unicorn.

The bookends or book keepers of European Civilization
Scotland and Greece