Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flag for persons mixed Jewish and Buddhist Faiths

The Jewish-Buddhist mixed heritage flag is based upon a combination of modern flags for both cultures.  Although this may seem like a new idea, mixed Buddhist-Jewish marriages have taken place before the Rise of the Roman Empire. Since Buddhism arose before the birth of Christ, and rose to prominence during the Jewish Exile in Babylon.

Additionally in the afterglow of Alexander the Great's union of East to West, India entered a Buddhist version of Camelot or rather "Buddha-lot" phase when Emperor Ashoka embraced Buddhism in an empire that included parts that are now Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Myanmar.

Yet today, there is a growing population of persons who have one parent born of the Jewish faith and one of the Buddhist path.  Countries like Russia, Canada, and the United States are currently the leaders of persons born with spiritual connections to Abraham and Buddha. 

This banner is a birthright flag for persons who happen to have a spiritual heritage to both wisdom traditions.  Additionally it is for persons who identify as both Buddhist and Jewish.  Sometimes people refer to these individuals as Jewboo, Jubu, Buju, or Jewbu.

List of Famous Persons of mixed Jewish and Buddhist Faiths

The spirit of Iron Man is potentially mixed Jewish and Buddhist since the character came out the imagination of Stan Lee during the Vietnam Crisis, when the cultures of American Judaism and Vietnamese Buddhism mixed to a certain extent. 

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