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Reservation 225

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chesapeake Bay Flag Association's Flag

Flag of the Chesapeake Bay Flag Association

There are several states that are a part of the the Chesapeake Bay. The two states maine with Chesapeake Bay bay front property are Virginia and Maryland.

The District of Columbia does not have bay front access but is a part of the tidewater region.

Finally there are the outer states that simply have rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. Flowing from the North is the mighty Susquehanna River. Thus Pennsylvania and New York a part of the Chesapeake Bay water shed. From the West is Delaware. Finally from heart of Appalachia, the Chesapeake is connected to West Virginia.

That is a total of six states and the District of Columbia.

You can visit the Chesapeake Bay Flag Association,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fort Whoop Up Flag

Flag of Fort Whoop Up?

Fort Whoop Up was an American 'speak easy' set up in Canada around 1869. Fort Whoop Up was basically an illegal fort set up in Alberta by American fungal dope dealers of alcohol. If you didn't know alcohol is a type of fungal dope, or rather fungal excrement. FYI, when yeast (a fungus) eats the sugars it can only burn it a certain way. The remainder waste product of its food (yeast poo) is excreted as alcohol. This substance has plagued and blessed mankind since the reign of Pharaohs. More potent fungal dope is known to certain shamans of Siberia, Grateful Dead fans, and Super Mario.

Yankee Traders sold a brewed Fungal Dope
to Native Canadians (1st Nations Peoples) Illegally

When Fort Whoop Up was set up in Alberta, American whisky traders set up this trading post illegally to make their fortunes. They flew a flag that had wide stripes on the bottom and thiner stripes by the canton. The canton seemed to have some shapes that were either boxes or crosses. To this day the details of this flag are unclear. However a flag of this nature did indeed fly in 1869 in Alberta.

The new Canadian government wanted to shut it down and was apprehensive. But when word got out that Mounties were coming, the rum runners gave no resistance and fled south of the border.


Monday, October 25, 2010

The AVGN is a vexillographer

ames Rolfe is a Vexillographer

AVGN stands for Angry Video Game Nerd, and the AVGN
is a YouTube Star from Generation Y. Generation Y is the last generation born before the Internet that does not yet quite fit into Generation X. If you can't remember a time before the Internet you are Generation I. But also remember that Y can sometimes take the place I.

The Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe) is likely to transition over from YouTube Star to famous Hollywood Movie Director in the near future. I'd put a few eggs in his basket if you seen his work.

Rolfe recently posted a video about his childhood homemade boardgames. He created a board game called Street Fighter III. In it, he designed several flags to represent characters in the game.

General Slaughter Flag
Modern Rendition

General Slaughter has five stripes with canton, assumed to be stars.

Dracula Flag

Dracula Modern Version

Dracula's Flag is simply a bat on solid background

Candy Man Flagyou can see the original name was erased with white out, or perhaps is was just a spelling error?

Nearly all children at sometime in the lives have had a desire to create a flag for some odd reason. If you see a young person drawing a flag, save it! You never know what may come of it!

You can Visit the AVGN website here:

*note flag colours are assumed

Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Flags in the NY Times 2011 Almanac!?

One of the most cherished introduction points that speaks to the inner vexillologist in everyone is missing in the 2011 NY Times Almanac edition!

I have always enjoyed the NY Times Almanac but they cut out one of the best parts of an almanac. Perhaps next year the maps of the world will be in black and white?

National flags change every so often, we need to know. Besides almanacs are usually the only book with flags that is always stocked in a book store! Try it go to book store and ask for a book about flags. They will either tell you" 'we can order it' or try to sell you a kiddie book with flag stickers.

A note to NY Times Almanac editor: John W. Wright. What you did was far from right.

You can visit the NY TIMES

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Coffee News & Neils Bohr

The light source for quirky fun & BIG news!

Getting things published in circulating print can be an adventure. At one end there are world famous circulating documents that have recognition by everyone like the New York Times and at the other there are small town papers, like the weekly Coffee News of Central Bucks, PA.

The Coffee News is 'FREE!' weekly one sheet paper filled with the essential elements of a newspaper: Horoscope, Good & Bad News, trivia, jokes, and quirky facts that tickles the bones of the reader. As the motto says, "News to be enjoyed over coffee." It delivers on its motto. Like the NY Times the micro-paper depends on ads to keep it afloat.

Notice that Neils Bohr is quoted in an
ancient Chinese riddle-pun tone
'what is the sound of one hand clapping?'

Volume 2:116 October 17, 2010 issue of the Coffee News had a quote from Niels Bohr. Mr. Bohr was nothing of a bore yet at times his ideas can bore high school students who care nothing of physics. Niels Bohr was a pioneer who challenged the orthodoxy of how the universe worked. He was awarded a coat of arms that features the Yin & Yang symbol, since this ancient Chinese symbol reflected many of the cosmic notions that can be found in the inner cosmos of the atom.

To the right is the coat of arms issued to a Danish scientist for his brilliant advance for understanding the ways and means of the Universe. He was given an ancient icon from long, long ago when the earth was in a different part of galaxy!

You can visit the Coffee News

Or NY Times Here


(both are equally IMPORTANT & live off of advertising)

The Coffee Table News - A newspaper that is actually a piece of paper!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Vexi-tension 2010

The small town of King, North Carolina has become the focal point of a vexillological controversy. Tension has erupted over the flying of the generic Christian Flag. A vigil since September 22, 2010 has arisen to protect the 'Christian Flag.'

The ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and resident of King, North Carolina filed a complaint to get it removed from a veterans memorial.

Ironically the flying of the cross on a flag was also controversial during the New England Colonial Period in the 1600s. Extreme religious 'Christian' leaders saw the cross as a symbol of the 'dreadful' pope. Thus it was removed from the New England flag and worship with crosses was banned for fear of papist influences.

However, I agree with persons on and sponsoring the flag vigil. The Christian Flag of North Carolina should be protected and flown.
Flag of Lousiana

If it is not allowed to fly, it sets a dangerous precedent. Several US State flags already have Christian symbolism on them. Louisiana has a pelican, which is a heraldic symbol of Christianity. Also the pelican is shedding its breast with three droplets of blood which reflects the "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." Likewise the State flag of Maryland has two red crosses which is clearly linked to the Christianity. Utah has a beehive upon it, which is a religious symbol of Mormonism.

Flags of Utah & Maryland

Also The flag of Hawaii has the Christian emblems of St. George, St. Patrick, and St. Andrew?

Finally the flags of New York and New Jersey feature the Pagan Goddess Liberity, Justice, and Ceres?

Lean More About this Story at NPR

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Siamese Burmese & Shan Flag of Myanmar

Flag of Burma since today
October 21, 2010

Myanmar or rather Burma has officially adopted a new flag that aligns with the Shan State, which is within Burma itself. The Shan people of Burma look like Thai People and are linguistic cousins. The Shan Lanuguage is more like Thai or Laotian than it is Burmese.

Flag of the Shan State within Burma

The Shan people are the second largest ethnic group in Burma. Perhaps the national flag was changed to placate the Shan Ethnic Group?

Monday, October 18, 2010

NAVA 44 Flag

Flag of NAVA 44

The 44th North American Vexillological Association's meeting was held in Los Angeles. The NAVA 44 Flag was deeply reflective of the flag of this most popular of US Cities - LA.

Official Flag of Los Angeles

The LA City flag was hoisted at the 1980 Moscow Olympics at the closing ceremony since the US was absent. The US did not attend because of issues related to the War in Afghanistan.

If the Soviets really wanted to rock the boat they could have hoisted the California State Flag. It has a red star and a bear facing left. Also Imperial Russia had planted a colony in California just north of San Francisco from 1812 to 1842 - Fort Ross.

California's State flag echos the
typical design of a Soviet Era flag

Before California became the 31st state, it was a part of Mexico and before the Mexico it was mostly under Spanish Control. But when the Napoleon stepped on Spain, the Russians coincidentally set up a colony in 1812, and the famous Russian composer, Tchaikovsky would write a memorable musical score about the War of 1812.

Other NAVA 44 flag proposals

Watch LA Flag fly at 1980 Moscow Olympics

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

South Park's Anti-New Jersey Flag

Stan's Dad waving the Anti-New Jersey Flag.

Of the many many flags created in 2010, this one was born out of the minds of two immensely popular artists: Matt Stone of Texas and Trey Parker of Colorado. On Comedy Central, South Park has become a mainstay of pop culture uniting Generations X + Y + I = 13 year hit run.

You can think of this show of being a modern day version of the classic Punch & Judy show. Way before animation, TV, and the Internet, puppet glove shows were considered adult entertainment. Back then, old Punch and Judy animators would lampoon famous people and joke about the politics of the day. Essential characters were the Devil and the whore 'Punch Polly' (Cartman's Mom). But by about 1881, Punch & Judy shows were kid oriented and lost a lot of the rough and tumble raunchiness.

Young Stags & Does from NJ

Randy Marsh's waving of the flag mocks Jersey Shore reality shown on MTV. On a background of white is written in all capital letters, "NEW JERSEY." On top on the NEW is scribbled with red ink, "NO." Stan's father is not necessarily saying "NO" to New Jersey but is against the Marky Mark party culture inspired and documented by MTV's, "Jersey Shore."

Jersey Shore on MTV

Jersey Shore
is noted for it's Jersey style Italian-American culture. New Jersey has a large percentage of Italian Heritage significantly above the national average.

Ridiculously in the following episode of South Park the people of Colorado form an alliance with Al Queda to stop the 'Jersey Threat,' with rather harsh humour.

Here Stan's Dad has a map showing Swank NJ Beach culture spreading across America

To Watch old Episodes of South Park
Click Here:

To Watch Old Episodes of the Jersey Shore
Click Here:

The Original Stripes Booth of Punch & Judy Shows

South Park's Anti-New Jersey Flag

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Columbus Day Part II

Under Construction

Columbus, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio

Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

Flag of Columbus, Ohio

Happy Columbus Day Observed 2010!

This holiday had its ups and downs. On the 400th Anniversary on October 12, 1892 the United States was finally old enough be aware and organize it as a holiday. The nation was more that 100 years old, 104 to be exact. The free press and government recognized Christopher Columbus' accidental journey as an essential turning point in US and World History. Perhaps the most memorable result of this 400th anniversary was the creation of the Pledge of Allegiance by Frances Bellamy.

Several hundred years after the passing of Christopher Columbus several US cities were destined to bear his name. The largest and most renowned is Columbus, Ohio. Columbus, OH is one of the few cities to have an official flag.

The second largest city named after America's discoverer is in Georgia. Columbus, Georgia is a thriving mid sized city on the border of Alabama. Interesting historical fact about Columbus, GA is that it was an key industrial center during the Civil War. It is where the last grand battle between the US and Confederate forces took place, after the surrender of General Lee and the assassination Lincoln, April 16, 1865. There is some debate as the totally last battle of Civil War, but without a doubt, Columbus Georgia was the last battle fought in the Original 13.

The city motto: "What Progress has Preserved"
is a cute contradiction. It's balanced opposite
could be: "The Progress of Preservation"

Interesting trivia about this 'last of civil war battles' was that the inventor of Coke, John Stith Pemberton was injured. Perhaps it's something about southern heat, thus Coke in summer is oh so sweet! Pepsi Cola was also invented in a southern state - North Carola - while Texas gave us Dr. Pepper! Essentially soda pop was created in the US Sun Belt to quench thirst on those hot hot summer days up north, or all year round in the Deep South. Soda Pop is essentially a beverage of the forlorn Confederacy!

The interesting vexillological situation is that both state flags have stars and stripes that most closely reflect the pattern of the US Federal Flag.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flag of Eurasia

The flag of Eurasia contains the EU pattern of stars but they are held in the canton area and are white, unlike the EU flag which has them centered and yellow.  Additionally a green and red stripe appear along the bottom with a white fimbration around the green area.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taiwan & Bruma & Myanmar & China

Flag of Taiwan
In the Canton is a solar disc with 12 rays
The Sun reflects the power of Day

There is a delicate balance in East Asia, where the ancient scars of the Cold War fester on beyond the shores of Pusan/Busan. The acrimonious-abortion like political issues rest firmly tied to the nations of Taiwan and Myanmar. Their flags are vexillologically similar. Just as Israeli and Palestinian issues embroil West Asia, in East Asia, mainland China and Burma rest at the tipping point in between chaos and peace.

Only a certain percentage of nations recognize 'free market' China, aka Taiwan. The US used to recognize it as the real China, but then things went awry in the 1970s and the US flip flopped and decided to pull the carpet out from Taiwan and instead, warmed up to Communist China. Basically the US was taking advantage of a Russian-Chinese spat. It worked.

Myanmar used to be called Burma, which used to be a part of India when it was in the British Empire. Myanmar made a big splash in American Consciousness when Pepsi Co tried to open business in the 1990s, but a well executed anti-Myanmar protest blocked this corporation's right to free trade with a rather draconian nation.

As of now Taiwan and Myanmar remain in the semi-nation category like Puerto Rico, Palestine, and Greenland. At least Greenlanders will always have the comfort of knowing Santa Clause will protect them from evil and jerks wads, so long are they are nice and don't pout.

Flag of Myanmar
There are 14 stars in circle
Stars reflect the power of Night

Friday, October 1, 2010

October is Libra Month

Libra is the astrological sign of the scales, and scales appear on several US Flags. The most prominent display of Libra's icon is upon the state flag of New York.
Coincidentally New York's
'fraternal twin' New Jersey has a city that just as well utilizes the proverbial scales of justice: New Jersey's largest city, Newark. In fact both flags have the same Goddesses in the supporter position.

City vs. State
Flag of Newark City & Flag of New York State

Close Up
In New Jersey Justice is sitting and has her sword pointed into the ground, but in New York Justice is standing blindfolded and the sword is pointing up



Lady Liberty is on the left in both flags, both holding liberty poles with liberty hats on top. On New York State's flag she is erect and facing forward. On Newark, New Jersey's flag she is leaning on a fag of sticks with an olive branch resting under her left armpit.