Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cable TV Univesities


Recently two virtual self made universities have recently come online due to Cable Television.

From Comedy Central, Steven Colbert University was created. It's motto is the letter "U." The central logo looks like the Ten Commandments and it has a light bulb above it, in reference to Thomas Edison or perhaps a good idea. There are two branches below the 10 commandments. In between the branches are two words that I can't completely make out. Perhaps it says, 'Campus Codei.'

On the other hand from Fox News Cable Network, Glenn Bleck has declared the existence of Beck University. His university logo has a shield with a book written with what looks like, "Tryannis Obsequium Seditio Deo." Read across it can be translated as "Tyranny Obeyed, God Subverted." But read page by page it can be translated as, "Tyranny Subverted, God Obeyed." There is a bust of George Washington facing 'Sinister,' which is considered the wrong way and a American Buffalo facing 'Dexter' which is the 'right' way. At the bottom is a feather pen. The black and turquoise shield is surrounded by 10 golden bunches of leaves.

Colbert University was founded on a Comedy Cable Network, a comical network with a hidden serious tone, while Beck University is founded on a Cable News Network, which has a serious tone with a hidden level of comedy.


Will these universities play each other in the TV-League? There is already a Tool Academy on VH1. Tool Academy is were manner misfits are taught proper manners.

Tool Academy Flag

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