Monday, July 12, 2010

Texas Republic Mojo

Flag of Texas

When Texas gained independence from Mexico, Texas was much larger. According to the map the Lone Star Republic had territory that overlapped five states yet to be created. For nearly a decade (1835-1845) the Republic of Texas' most northern point was more north than Northern California and Southern Massachusetts. Texas even had territory on par with the southern tip of Canada.

Thus in honor of the five states that were is some way a part of the internationally recognized Nation of Texas, I have created five Post-Republic of Texas Mojo Flags for each state.

The pan handle of Oklahoma once belonged to the Republic of Texas, thus it should only be flown in the pan handle. The design is based on the original Oklahoma Flag (46 and red) and the current sky-blue colour of the current Oklahoma Flag.

1st Oklahoma Flag abandoned because
looked to communistic, even though
Oklahoma is an Indian word for Red Man

Official Oklahoma Flag

New Mexico's Texas Republic Flag is based on the current New Mexican Flag that only uses red and yellow. More than 50% of New Mexico was a part of the Texas Republic.

Official New Mexican Flag

Kansas' Republic of Texas Flag should only be flown in the south west corner of Kansas. Didja' know Kansas has Texan Heritage? Some states were born out of Mexico, Canada, but five had regions born out of Texas. Once again the colours of Kansas come from the current state flag. And PLEASE do not mess with Kansas' Flag!

Official Flag of Kansas

At nearly 1/3, a mid-western strip and the south eastern side of Colorado were once Texas Country. I guess this is where the South Park boys get their wild cowboy steak and shameless gumption to humour anyone and anything that should suit their fancy?

Them Colorado boys sure are a shootin' jokes with mighty fine Texan Ranger accuracy and a none to powerful Texas punch. It's no wonder..... they're part Texan after all... waddja' expect?

And trust me.... you don't want to be on the wrong side of Texas.

Official Flag of Colorado

Finally, Wyoming's Texan Republic Mojo Flag: not exactly in the corner, but in Wyomings' south eastern region, a small portion of Wyoming was once one in body, spirit, and soil with Texas. Thus once upon a time TEXAS had land, more north than Philadelphia, Chicago, NYC, and even Providence, RI.

Official Flag of Wyoming


  1. I enjoyed the flag mash_up. I may have to make a Republic of Texas Colorado flag for my friend. Thanks for the post!