Friday, July 23, 2010

NAVA 42: Austin's Flag Proposal

Original Drawing by Steven Austin

One of the most fascinating flags at NAVA #42 was the flag proposal drawn by Steven Austin. He chose the colours of red, green and white in honor of the Mexican Flag. The stripes were a homage to the American-Mexicans. Finally the canton, in the upper left, is a modified union jack representing the British Heritage of the newly soon to be most dominant immigrants of Texas.

It was a privilege to see living history. Reading and hearing so much about Austin this and Austin that, and finally seeing the hand writing and art work of Austin himself was... amazingly graceful.

Modern Rendition of Austin's Flag Proposal
(with out sketches on the star)

NAVA 42 Movie about Austin's Flag in State Capitol

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Commentary is Charles Spain, a former NAVA President

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