Friday, February 12, 2010

Panama & Dominican Repub; foster children of the USA

Flag of Dominican Republic
Nation of the Divided Island East by West with Haiti

Panama and the Dominican Republic have flags of striking similarity. Both of their flags are divided into quadrants. The colours of red, white, and blue catch the eye.

Interestingly you can think of these nations as being 'foster' children for the United States. Puerto Rico & the Philippines were adopted by the US but Panama and the Dominican only made it to 'foster parent' status.

The Dominican Republic actually offered herself up to join the United States, but the US congress rejected this opportunity to get more land! Racial issues of the time may have been a factor. But since then, when every so often business interests are threatened the US military has been deployed to help out and keep things from running a muck or going too lefty schmefty!

The US Government prefers it righty and tighty.

Flag of Panama
Nation that is divided by North & South America

Panama actually had territory that was a part of the USA, the Panama Canal Zone, which gladly gave us John McCain!

Like the Dominican Republic the US Military had a wonderful run of operations in a tropical climate for several decades. Most families that had the lovely Panamanian assignment were very grateful, but most local Panamanians were unfortunately rather resentful of the US presence.

Panama and the Dominican were so close with the United States and almost a part of her. The US government is intimately knowledgeable about these nations and had to fight several forgettable mini-wars within these nations. But the US never had resounding maternal ambition to incorporate these 'foster' nations in the love of American pie, yet her mark on the lands is deep and wide, especially for Panama.

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