Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oregon & Nebraska

Flag of Oregon
Ancient Ox Pulled Wagon & Sail Boat
last state before heart break of Civil War
Just in time for Valentines day is Oregon! This state was 'born' on February 14, 1859. It was the last state to join the union before the United States would have her heart broken by the Civil War. Oregon's outer seal even looks like the shape of a heart!

Nebraska on the other hand joined the union right after the Civil War ended on March 1, 1867.

Flag of Nebraska
Modern Fossil Fuel train & sail-less boat
first state after heart ache of Civil War
Their flags represent a change in times and technology. The flag of Oregon has the ancient sail and animal pull cart that Biblical characters wouldn't bat and eye at, but Nebraska has the modern fossil fuel technological wonders: a boat that needs no sail and carts that need no animals. If the ancients saw the machines on Nebraska's flag they surely would have been awe struck by these technological wonders, or run away screaming by such 'strange black magic' of the devil.

These flags echo of shift in culture as much as technology. Before 1859 owing another man or woman as property was in line with the rest of ancient history, but after 1867 this ancient institution was seen as uncivilized and reprehensible.

America would have a proverbial broken heart for 50 years, until the map of America was completed. The last interconnected state joined the Union February 14, 1912: Arizona. Arizona was originally christened by the Confederate Government as Arizona Territory (Admitted in the Confederacy February 14, 1862) but by 1912 much of the old heartache of that bygone war had healed up pretty darn good. In an odd way I reckon' it made America's heart beat even stronger.

Happy Valentines Day 2010

Close up of flags so you can see balance and harmony

Ancient Sail Boat & Ox Wagon

Train & paddle boat of the
modern fossil fuel age
that we are still in of




(1861- CIVIL WAR -1865 )


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